Mosa fits for your identity

Commercial spaces are an essential element for every brand. Accommodation that conveys the right image says everything about the identity of a company: Who are we? What do we want to convey and to which target group? Mosa understands the principle of total brand experience.

Brand experience

Mosa will help build your brand experience with its distinctive, high-quality, and aesthetically pleasing tiles. Whatever atmosphere you want your commercial space to evoke. Mosa’s sustainable, timeless ceramic collections create walls and floors with any required ambiance and style.

Our design team sees it as a challenge to work with architects as well as interior, retail, and other designers in creating the perfect tile concept. And it does not stop there. We like to be involved in the development of architectural designs. That results in beautiful commercial spaces that are perfectly attuned to the brand experience and target group.


Mosa stands unequivocally for timeless design. But that does not mean function is unimportant. Indeed, form cannot exist without function. It is as simple as that. The same is true of every tile design. Non-slip or stain-resistant – functionality goes hand in hand with good design. Surprising designs also result from the conversion of function into form. Mosa contributes ideas outside the box. Our collections have a modular structure and include accessories for total interchangeability in any desired pattern.

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So how do we achieve that? Strong, characteristic brand features translate into an appropriate tile concept for commercial spaces. All Mosa collections have their own character and are authentic due to their colours, tones, surfaces, or a mix of these characteristics. Our tiles are perfect for combining with other materials and form a strong basis for any future restyling. The Mosa design team translates interior trends into tile concepts that are timeless and sustainable, and yet designed in a way that liberates architects and retail designers, inspiring them to come up with the most original and exciting ideas. Mosa provides support by offering online design tools.