Privacy and cookie policy

Mosa Holding BV, Koninklijke Mosa BV, and other legal entities within the same group (‘Mosa’) processes on a daily basis data about people. Mosa always respects the privacy of the persons whose data it receives and treats this data in the strictest confidence. In this privacy policy we explain what personal data Mosa processes, and for what purposes. We recommend that you read through this privacy policy carefully.

Mosa is the controller that processes and stores your personal data. If you have any questions regarding the content of this privacy policy, please e-mail us at: [email protected].

Privacy policy

1 Personal data

Mosa processes different types of personal data for various purposes. We explain below what personal data we process and for what purposes.

Fulfilling purchase and manufacturing contracts
To be able to process and deliver your order, we need your name, home and delivery addresses, e-mail address, payment details, VAT number, and telephone number. We will also forward your invoice and delivery address to third parties, such as delivery services, but only insofar as this is necessary to fulfil a purchase contract.

To be able to supply you with various services, we need your name, e-mail address, payment details, VAT number, and telephone number, invoice address, and delivery address. With this data, we can process your request, contact you, and keep you updated about the process. If necessary for supplying the service, we will forward our data to third parties to which we subcontract.

Direct and other marketing
To generate new orders, we gather data of commercial interest about companies, such as the position of a company on the market, possible interest or further interest of a company in our products, and the persons within the company whom we wish to contact, or whom we have already contacted. From these persons, we obtain contact details, information available from professional social media profiles, notes based on telephone discussions, and reports of meetings. We collate this information about suppliers and potential suppliers. We organize and store this information carefully in a database that is only accessible by authorized employees. We do this insofar as it is in our legitimate commercial interest.

General visitor data is recorded on our website. In particular, we may register a visitor’s computer IP address, any username, the time of making a request, and the data sent by a visitor’s browser, and use this data for the statistical analysis of visiting and clicking behaviour on the website. It also helps Mosa to optimize the performance of its website. For further information, see below for an explanation of how we use cookies.

Purposes for data processing via this website
Mosa collates and processes data from visitors to this website for the purposes of its business activities, to draw your attention to, and be able to supply to you, products and services that you might find interesting, and for generating web statistics. The information you provide will be used to contact you where necessary, such as to notify you of any changes to the functions on the website or to offer you services that might be what you are looking for (except where you have indicated that you do not wish to receive offers of services). We will process your personal data in order to draw up and perform contracts for services and for administering the business relationships arising thereunder, including the performance of activities focused on enlarging our customer base. If you fill in a contact or registration form, or send Mosa an e-mail, then the data that you send Mosa will be stored for as long as is necessary for the purposes of responding to, or dealing with the form or e-mail, having regard to the nature or content thereof, respectively.

Job application process
Mosa collates and processes the data of job applicants communicated through meetings in person, or contact by post or e-mail, via the website, or telephone conversation. We record data such as the applicant’s name, sex, contact details, cover letter, information regarding training level, and employment history. We share this information with recruitment and selection agencies we have engaged. We sometimes also instruct these agencies to conduct assessment questionnaires. All this information is relevant for the application process and, in respect of unsuccessful applicants, will be deleted no later than 4 weeks following the end of the application process. Mosa may, with your consent, store your personal data for a longer period in its records in the event that it may wish to contact you again in the future.

Mosa also processes the personal data of employees, in the context of their employment contracts and insofar as provided for by law. This data can include information about job performance, training, and conduct.

2 Recipient

We do not share your personal data with companies, organizations, and individuals outside Mosa, except in the cases described above, and except in one of the following circumstances.

Performance of a contract
We are permitted to forward your personal data to a third-party organization if this is necessary for compliance with our contractual obligations to you, such as the processing and delivery of your order. We will use logistics service providers if necessary for the supply of any product or service you have ordered.

With your consent
We can forward your personal data to third parties if you consent to this. This consent applies only if it is clear what you give your consent to and what the consequences are.

For external processing
We forward your personal data to our partners so that they can process this data on our behalf, in accordance with our instructions, and in compliance with our privacy policy and other appropriate measures to protect confidentiality and security. By ‘partners’ we mean, for example, our IT suppliers.

For legal reasons
We share personal data if we believe that disclosure of the information is necessary to comply with relevant laws and regulations, legal proceedings, or requests from government bodies.

Statutory obligation
We will forward your personal data if we are required to do so by law. For example, the police may ask for this data in the context of a criminal investigation, or the tax inspector may require all information necessary for assessing tax liability pursuant to Article 47 of the General State Taxes Act.

Mosa enters into agreements with the recipients of your personal data to ensure that the personal data is handled confidentially and is secure.

Storage period
We do not store your personal data for longer than is necessary, unless there is a statutory obligation to store it for longer. Our basic principle is that we only store your personal data for as long as necessary to be able to supply our products or services. Thereafter, we will delete it insofar as possible. If, for example, you have provided us with your e-mail address so that we can inform you of our services, we will continue to store this data.

3 Forwarding of personal data outside the EU

Mosa may forward your personal data from the Netherlands to another country. Countries with the European Economic Area (EEA) apply a similar level of protection of personal data as in the Netherlands. We may forward your personal data in compliance with general requirements specified by privacy laws and regulations. We can do this within our own group, for example, for the purposes of good business management.

We will only forward your personal data outside the EEA if an appropriate level of protection is provided. For such purpose Mosa relies on standard contracts approved by the European Commission. In particular, we will forward your personal data to companies within our group for internal business management. Currently we have a group company outside the EEA in the United States of America.

4 Your rights

You can enforce a number of rights against us: the right to access, rectify, and erase data, restrict processing, transmit digital data, and the right to object. These rights are explained below. We also explain how you can exercise these rights.

Right of access
On request, we will inform you in writing whether we are processing any data concerning you. Your request should include proof of your identity by means of a copy of your driving licence or other ID. This will be destroyed after verification. We will indicate what personal data from you we have processed or will process, and will provide you with a copy. We will also explain the purposes for which this data has been or will be processed, with whom the data will be shared, how long we anticipate storing this data, and what other rights you can exercise in this regard.

Rectification and completion
Once we have given you access to the personal data concerning you that we process, you can request us to rectify any errors or complete any incomplete parts. We will explain the decision we take. If we do rectify the data, then we will send you a supplemental statement. This statement will also be sent to any parties who have received this incorrect or incomplete data.

Erasure of data
You can request us to erase your personal data in our systems in any of the following cases:

  • the personal data is no longer needed for the purposes for which we have processed it;
  • you withdraw your consent for processing or further processing, and there is no other basis for processing;
  • you give reasons why you object, and there are no compelling reasons not to honour your objection;
  • we have unlawfully processed the personal data;
  • we are required by a legal obligation to erase your personal data;
  • we have collated your data using mobile phone and internet services (including social media).

Restrictions on processing
If you have notified us of any inaccuracy or omission in your personal data, you may ask us to limit further processing for as long as we deal with your notification. You may also ask us to restrict processing of your data if you believe that such processing by us is unlawful or you have objected to its processing or further processing. Once we receive your request to restrict processing, we will only continue process data with your consent or if there are compelling reasons for doing so (such as court proceedings).

Transmission of digital data
If you have supplied your personal data to us in a standard, structured digital file format, and we have processed your data with your consent or in order to perform a contract with you, you are entitled to require us to supply a copy of this data. In such cases, you can also request us to transmit your data directly to another service provider.

You can object at any time to the processing of your personal data. This is especially true in respect of the profiles we have created on the basis of your personal data. We will stop processing your data once we receive your objection, unless there is compelling justification for continued processing that outweighs your rights, interests, and freedoms.

Insofar as we process your personal data for direct marketing purposes, you may always object to this and we will immediately stop such processing.

Exercise of rights
If you wish to exercise any of your rights as explained above, please contact us via our e-mail address or by post:

Koninklijke Mosa BV
Postbus 1026
6201 BA Maastricht
The Netherlands
[email protected]

Mosa will reach a decision on your request within four weeks, unless we notify you within that period that we need a little more time to respond in full.

If we process your personal data on the basis of your consent, you can withdraw that consent at any time. If you do withdraw your consent, this has no effect on earlier processing done on the basis of your previous consent.

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5 Social media

We enjoy sharing our photos with you via our social media channels to provide inspiration. At Mosa, we too enjoy being inspired and are therefore keen to share your Mosa content with other tile users. We have therefore chosen to link our social media activities to yours.  
Reposting photos 
If you use the hashtag #Mosatiles or the tag @mosatiles when posting your own photos of Mosa tiles on your public profile, we may ask you for your consent to share your photo. If we do, we will ask you in a comment under your post whether we may publish your photo on one of our digital channels. If you agree, please respond with the hashtag #YesMosaTiles. We will always mention your account name when reposting your photos.
Withdrawing consent 
You may always withdraw your consent afterwards. Send a private message via our account, sharing a direct link to the image. We will then remove your image from our digital channels as soon as possible.

6 Complaints

If you have a complaint about the use of your personal data, we kindly refer you to the complaints procedure of the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (Dutch Data Protection Agency), which is authorized to deal with your complaint.

7 Questions

If you have any questions, please write to us by e-mail at [email protected].

This privacy policy is drafted in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. We reserve the right to update this privacy policy. The latest version is the one published on this page.

Version dated November 2018

Cookie policy

1 What are cookies?

Cookies are simple text files that are stored on your computer, tablet, or mobile telephone when you visit These cookies contain information about your visit to our website. The text file will then be consulted the next time you visit using the same device so that we can recognize you as a returning visitor.

The purpose of cookies is to collate information about a person, the website, or statistics. Some cookies have the additional purpose of improving the visitor’s experience of the website.

Safe and confidential
The information stored in the cookies will only be used by This data will not be shared with third parties.

2 Which cookies are used by Mosa?

Mosa collates and analyses information relating to the use of its website, such as domain names, numbers of hits, the pages visited, the sites visited immediately before and after, and the length of the visitor session. Our webpage server may only call up cookies that relate to the information exchanged via the internet between you and Mosa. Cookies that contain no security-sensitive information can be stored on your hard disc in such a way that they are available when you next visit the internet. The only cookie from the secure domain stored on the hard disc is the cookie used to store your log-in data in the 'My Mosa' environment. You can allow or prevent the use of cookies by changing the settings on your browser. The cookie settings vary according to the browser. If you wish to prevent cookies being stored, the relevant information will no longer be saved by your browser and each time you visit the internet you will be asked for, and must input, the information.

Cookies that are technically necessary (functional cookies)
Functional cookies ensure that operates properly. Examples of functionality include remembering your language choice.

Cookies for statistics (analytical cookies)
Mosa uses analytical cookies to collect statistics on how is used. By measuring website use, Mosa can continue to improve its website to benefit its users.

Types of cookies
We make a distinction between functional and non-functional cookies. We always place functional cookies, because they are necessary to ensure the website works properly and we do not process any personal data except for the purpose for which this personal data was filled in. For example, a shopping basket remembers personal data you have entered in order to be able to process and deliver your order. Non-functional cookies process personal data outside your field of view, and that’s why we always ask your permission to place these cookies.

Non-functional cookies include, for example, analytical cookies. These cookies are not necessary for the functioning of the website. Analytical cookies do tell us, however, what parts of the website we can improve and help us measure thing like the popularity of certain pages. Non-functional cookies have a wide range of purposes, but primarily they enable us to improve our service. We can measure, for example, how often our website is used and what information our visitors are seeking.

We use the following types of non-functional cookies.

Analytical cookies
We use analytical cookies to collate statistics regarding our users’ use of the website. By measuring website use, Mosa can continue to improve its website to benefit its users.

The data that is stored includes:

  • your IP address, which is anonymized;
  • technical features, such as the browser you use;
  • the page you left to arrive at the online store.

Google Analytics
Mosa utilizes Google Analytics to keep track of how users use the website and the effectiveness of its Adwords advertisements on the Google search result pages. The information thus obtained, including the address of your computer (IP address), is passed on to Google and stored by Google on servers in the United States. For more information, please read Google’s privacy policy, as well as the specific privacy policy of Google Analytics. Google uses this information to update itself on how the Mosa website is being used, to be able to provide reports on the website to Mosa, and to be able to offer information about the effectiveness of Mosa’s marketing campaigns to its advertisers. Google may pass this information on to third-parties if legally obliged to do so or if these third parties process the information on Google's behalf. Mosa has no influence over this. Mosa has not given Google permission to use the Analytics information it receives from us for any other purpose.

Tracking cookies
These are cookies used to identify a website user. By placing tracking cookies, we can keep track of which internet pages you visit. From the information about your website visits, we can deduce your preferences and interests, and on the basis of this we can make you personalized offers.

Advertising cookies
We use advertising cookies to show you personalized advertisements and to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. The advertising cookies are needed to be able to show the actual advertisements.

Cookies for social media
Social media cookies are cookies that facilitate the functionalities of social media sites. One example is a YouTube film on

Cookies (including tracking cookies) for personal preferences and advertisements
Mosa uses cookies to provide you with a better user experience, completely tailored to your personal preferences. Mosa uses cookies, for instance, to ensure that you do not have to keep receiving or entering the same information repeatedly. Mosa also lets you see advertisements on other websites based on your previous surfing behaviour. To do so, Mosa makes use of various advertising networks, such as Google AdWords and Facebook. Not all advertisements use cookies, however. Even if you disable cookies, you may still see advertisements from Mosa. If you would prefer not to receive cookies, you can change the cookie settings in your browser at any time.

3 Blocking and removing cookies

If you have previously accepted our cookies, you will no longer see the message and you must remove the cookies yourself if you wish to do so.

You can also choose to block the placing of cookies via your browser. If you are blocking all cookies, it will make our website work less effectively for you. We therefore recommend that you only remove cookies you regard as undesirable, and you can do this via your browser settings.

The steps needed to change your browser settings differ per browser. Click on one of the following links to go straight to the instructions for your browser or go to your browser's help function if necessary. If you wish to disable cookies from specific parties, you can do so via

4 Changes to cookies policy

Mosa reserves the right to amend this privacy policy from time to time. The most recent version of this cookies policy is the one published on this page.

If you have any questions please contact us by e-mail at: [email protected].

Version dated November 2018