Grout colour advice

The colour of the grouting has a considerable effect on the appearance of a tile floor and tile pattern. We will be happy to provide advice on suitable grout colours for each series and colour group. However, the grout colours may differ per manufacturer. We therefore advise you to first test a grout colour before using it.

Classics Tide

Colour group Grout colour
0601 serene white silver grey
0602 blush silver grey
0603 sage silver grey
0604 blue mist silver grey
0605 fog grey silver grey
0606 bone silver grey
0607 rust manhattan
0608 charcoal grey grey
0609 sand silver grey
0610 forest green manhattan

Core Collection Quartz

Colour group Grout colour
4101 chalk white silver grey
4102 slate grey manhattan grey
4103 basalt grey grey
4104 anthracite black basalt grey
4105 sand beige silver grey
4107 agate grey grey

Core Collection Solids

Colour group Grout colour
5102 vivid white silver grey
5104 clay grey manhattan grey
5106 agate grey grey
5108 stone grey manhattan grey
5110 basalt grey grey
5112 graphite black anthracite
5114 sand beige silver grey or beige
5118 rust red grey
5120 jade grey grey
5126 natural beige silver grey

Core Collection Terra

Colour group Grout colour
200 cool porcelain white silver grey
203 cool black basalt grey
204 mid warm grey manhattan grey
206 mid grey manhattan grey
211 avalon beige silver grey
214 grey grey
215 grey green grey
216 anthracite grey
222 mid moss-grey grey
225 light cool grey manhattan grey
226 mid cool grey grey
227 dark cool grey grey
229 dark warm grey basalt grey
238 cool grey manhattan grey
239 blue grey
262 light grey beige silver grey
263 grey beige manhattan grey
264 grey brown basalt grey
265 dark grey brown basalt grey
266 light beige silver grey
270 light red beige manhattan grey

Mosa Stage

Colour group Grout colour
3502 cool white silver grey
3504 light cool grey manhattan grey
3506 dark cool grey grey
3508 light warm grey manhattan grey
3510 mid warm grey grey
3512 dark plum brown basalt grey
3514 sienna beige manhattan grey
3516 paynes grey basalt grey
3518 ivory black anthracite


Colour group Grout colour
bright white silver grey
light cool grey silver grey
mid warm grey silver grey
dark anthracite dark grey
clay beige silver grey
silver grey silver grey
air blue silver grey
sea blue manhattan grey
ocean green silver grey
wood green grey
brass brown manhattan grey
oxide red #2 manhattan grey
earth brown grey
brimstone yellow jasmine


Colour group Grout colour
6110 / 6111 / 6112 white grey silver grey
6120 / 6121 / 6122 cool grey manhattan grey
6130 / 6131 / 6132 green grey grey
6140 / 6141 / 6142 dark anthracite anthracite
6150 / 6151 / 6152 mid beige silver grey
6160 / 6161 / 6162 warm ochre grey
6170 / 6171 / 6172 warm grey grey