Mosa fits in your process

Mosa delivers on a just-in-time basis. That goes without saying. We guarantee speed and flexibility throughout the process. And by that we mean from the very first design phase through to delivery, additional delivery, and after sales.


What precisely does flexibility mean for Mosa? Suppose further tile deliveries are required during the construction of your commercial premises. Time is short, so we will make sure they are with you the next day. If you have any technical questions during installation, Mosa’s international helpdesk is on hand to provide immediate support. Of course, flexibility also applies to design. There may be a specific colour or shape that is not in our permanent tile collection. Mosa will supply a custom design for areas from 100 square meter. Architects can even bring us their own designs.

Fast delivery worldwide

Organizations with multiple sites – even on different continents – want a uniform brand experience across all their commercial premises. That is logical. Mosa supplies identical tile concepts worldwide. Thanks to our distribution centres in Europe and America, we are able to supply many tiles, even those from specific colour batches. Simultaneous purchasing for premises on different continents is straightforward thanks to Mosa’s stock position with specialist partners. That saves costs.

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Quality guarantee

Mosa tiles are quality products for global use. Our entire collection more than meets the relevant quality and safety standards in Europe and America. All tiles are produced in accordance with European standard EN 14411. For certain components Mosa even far exceeds the safety standards.