Designing spaces
for various building segments

Mosa is aware that spaces can have different functions, linked with specific requirements. There is a different need in every space and in every segment. In meeting these needs, we focus on functionality and aesthetics. Whichever aspect is more important, together we will find a solution, with timeless tile designs that suit the space concerned.

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Hospitality forms the building blocks for hotels, cafés, and restaurants. A pleasant stay is influenced by the interior: a prominent carrier of warmth, comfort, and atmosphere. The interior starts with large surface areas. The tone is set by means of walls and floors. It is important in lobbies, bathrooms, and kitchens that functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand. Mosa offers tile concepts that include both. Whichever element is more important, Mosa has timeless tile designs to suit the space.

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Sports and recreation

Sports halls and swimming pools are generally used by large numbers of people, and a wide variety of target groups. Safety and hygiene are important, especially in wet spaces such as swimming pools and shower areas. Mosa tiles are easy to maintain and are available in a variety of anti-slip textures finishes. These tiles reduce the risk of slipping and falling, thus improving safety.

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Pupils and teachers deserve a pleasant learning environment. Clean and safe spaces are therefore critical in school premises. Mosa offers a wide range of series for the sustainable set-up of a school. All floor tiles are slip-resistant and wear-resistant. The tiles more than satisfy the standard for flatness; the surface is easy to clean and contributes to an allergen-free environment. This also reduces the risk of trips and falls. Mosa offers solutions for spaces including entrances, halls, toilets, and rooms.

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A house has its own identity. If that identity matches that of the person living there, it becomes home. The identity of the resident is expressed in both the interior and the exterior, whether an owner-occupied property or a rented property, and whether a villa or social housing. In cooperation with architects and designers, we satisfy individual wishes for the home. We support developers and social housing corporations in new construction, maintenance, and renovations. We guide owners and tenants in choosing tiles, for instance using digital tools.

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Public spaces

Public spaces such as airports, museums, and government buildings are visited and used by large numbers of people. Overview, durability, sustainability, safety, and aesthetics are important. These are values that are fired into our tiles. Mosa tiles are slip-resistant, wear-resistant, stain-resistant, and lowmaintenance. These functionalities go hand in hand with design. Mosa offers tiles in a variety of formats, colours, and designs, ensuring that the desired look can always be achieved. As the tiles can be used in a modular manner on steps, in halls, and in toilet facilities, a well-ordered complete picture emerges automatically.

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Health care

The health care sector is preparing for the future. Patients expect more attention to their personal wishes. That means that ease of maintenance and hygiene are no longer the only criteria for health care related interiors. The look and feel are also important. In response to this, Mosa developed a complete and contemporary range for walls and floors, including modular accessories, such as corner pieces, edge tiles, skirtings, shower base parts, stair tiles, and tactile tiles for the visually impaired. In this way, we amply satisfy the applicable criteria within the health care sector.

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For an optimized client experience, it is essential that the feel of a commercial space is in keeping with the retail concept and the products or services offered in that space. Mosa is keen to help, to ensure that the shop's clients can enjoy their shopping experience. This starts with clean floors. Mosa's floor tiles are slip-resistant, wear-resistant, stainresistant, and scratch-resistant. They are also low-maintenance, so the floor retains its good looks with little effort required. Thanks to the extensive range of timeless tile concepts, there is always a tile that ensures the desired look for a commercial space.

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An office is an organization's calling card. The look and feel of the workspace represent the brand and the products or services that it offers. It is important that the identity and feel of an office are in keeping with each other, so that both employees and clients recognize the brand. With a wide range of modular tile concepts for walls, floors, facades, and terraces, Mosa helps organizations to express the desired identity.

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Airports and railway stations are visited by thousands of people each day. The floors have a lot to endure and should meet both functional and aesthetical requirements. Mosa tiles are wear-resistant and low-maintenance, which means the floor will retain its good looks over time with little effort required.

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