Other software

The landscape of CAD & BIM software is massive, and unfortunately we only have the capacity to target the biggest players in the international market. Luckily there are a lot of similarities in the way surface material files are handled in the different software solutions.

By using the other software button within our tools we create all the output we have available. Most software are able to load one or more of these files. Underneath are some example of software who manage to work with our output.

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Using other software?

Have you managed to use our output in your software which we haven’t already mentioned? Please make a small screen capture movie of the import process and we can share it to help your equals (submit here).

Are you representing CAD&BIM software which is not mentioned at this portal? Please use the contact sheet to see how you can use our current output or investigate what we can do to help your users succeed with our products and services.


Specific solutions

For information about possibilties for other software then already supported, please fill in the contact form.