Softgrip / Softline

A sustainable, unglazed floor tile available with or without functional anti-slip relief design, equipped with a micro seal.

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Functionality comes first

Softgrip / Softline comprises floor tiles in nine neutral colours that can be easily compared with many wall tiles from Mosa's collection. The Softgrip and Softline floor tiles come in both smooth and relief designs. While the former is suitable for interior and exterior surfaces, the latter is specially designed for areas and applications that require higher anti-slip grades.

Softgrip / Softline sizes

The Softgrip / Softline floor tiles are available in the standard size of 15 x 15 centimetres. However, some colours are also available in 30 x 30 centimetres. Click on the size to see the available colours.

Surfaces and applications

The tiles (LS) in the Softgrip series are textured tiles (relief) that are ideal for use in rooms and applications such as showers and swimming pool surrounds where greater anti-slip properties are required.

Softgrip / Softline accessories

In addition to wall and floor tiles, Softgrip / Softline offers matching accessories for your shower and skirting boards with edge finishes.


The Softgrip floor tiles feature a micro-seal anti-slip texture, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use on floors and terraces. This micro-seal helps surfaces maintain the same aesthetic as the Softline tiles and makes these tiles perfect for use in high-traffic areas where slip-resistance is important.




Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold

Sustainability is one of the main pillars of Mosa. Softgrip / Softline is no exception. The tiles are made of the purest materials in a sustainable design and production process, and Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold certified. We are committed to fostering respectful relationships around people and nature in all our manufacturing methods and services. The natural feel and pure ceramic character of Softgrip / Softline reflects this.

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