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Façade design with a visual impact

AD Delhaize has renovated its 's Gravenwezel location. The building has acquired an entirely new look. Mosa's Core Collection Terra tile series provides the façades with an eye-catching effect, and the corresponding clean joints gives the new store a durable, high-quality exterior.



The former AD Delhaize in 's Gravenwezel required a thorough revamp. The new proprietor called upon Aeen Architecten to do the job. The architectural firm designed a wholly innovative interior and exterior of the building, completely redesigning the entrance and façade. This was done in order to achieve a more spacious and open character. The large windows provide a fresh view inside the store.




New façade cladding

'This assignment has been particularly interesting for us,’ says Mathias Mas from Aeen Architecten. 'Because we had to redesign the entire front side, the former structure of the building really had to be taken into account.' The existing outer shell had to be well integrated with the new façade cladding.

Visual impact

The choice of façade cladding was crucial for the renewed building's character. Aeen Architecten chose Mosa tiles. 'We have previously collaborated with Mosa for the Residentie Bareel project in Kortenberg, which now looks fantastic,’ says Mas. 'The façade cladding for this AD Delhaize location had to be fresh, with a powerful visual impact. Moreover, the tiles had to be resilient, as is essential to every public building.' The architects eventually chose a combination of two Mosa tiles, both from the Core Collection Terra series. They are ceramic tiles, in the 60 x 120 centimetres format, cool black on the one side and warm porcelain white on the other. 'A ceramic tile seemed to be the best option for the specific character we aimed to create. In unison they lend the building its robust appearance.'

'The façade cladding had to be fresh, with a powerful visual impact.'




Reliability, durability, and quality

The choice of tile perfectly matched the values the building had to embody. Mathias Mas explains, ‘Reliability, durability, and quality are values we relate to every building we create. This clearly overlapped with the values AD Delhaize upholds. In order to combine tight lines with natural, rugged material, ceramic tiles as façade cladding are not only an obvious choice, but one with the excellent credentials. This is ideally complemented by the timeless colours that Mosa has at its disposal.'

Contrast with a clean joint

The choice of colour was based on the steel supplied. According to Mas, contrast was of importance in order to emphasize the AD Delhaize brand name. 'At this point, they want to really highlight the brand name, with its black, white, and red logo and lion. This effect is easier to accomplish by using bigger, monochrome contrasts in the façade cladding than by applying shades of grey. That is why we chose the highest possible contrast between two tiles to create a clean black and white effect.' This can clearly be seen in the final result: the contrast between the black and porcelain white tiles accentuates the façade without losing the visual coherence of the entire store. Mas adds, 'The even and rectified character of the Core Collection Terra tiles made it possible to realize a tight joint and a clean finish. This led to a sleek, minimalistic, and luxurious design with a durable and high-quality exterior.'





'We had to find the best solution in terms of stability, durability, and user enjoyment.'


Pure ceramic

Mosa's Core Collection Terra series chosen by Aeen Architecten consists of pure ceramics. The tiles are partially composed of recycled ceramic material, in keeping with Mosa's use of sustainable raw materials and green energy from hydroelectric plants. The whole project is therefore Cradle to Cradle Silver certified. In short, the Core Collection Terra series offered the wealth of sustainable advantages that both AD Delhaize and Aeen Architecten were looking for. The exceptional suitability of these products for façade cladding, being resistant to graffiti, fire, and humidity, was an additional bonus.


This project was a collaboration between Aeen Architecten, the head contractor Dilien Metaalwerken from Houthalen, and the subcontractor for façade cladding Drooghmans Geveltechnieken from Balen. 'We had to find the best solution in terms of stability, durability, and user enjoyment. We involved all our partners in this quest,' says Mas, who is very pleased with the final result. 'Finally, the façades have donned their large, neon, Delhaize logos. Attaching these logos required very specific detailing, which we achieved by applying the contrasting tiles and tight joints. This has created a visual impact that is fully in line with our client's expectations.'


Project details
Project: Delhaize
Architect: Aeen Architecten bvba
Location: 's Gravenwezel (Belgium)
Completion: 2016
Mosa series: Core Collection Terra
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