September 19, 2021

Mosa in action for the Meuse Cleanup

On 18 September – World Cleanup Day – Mosa employees joined thousands of volunteers to engage in battle against the litter in and along the River Meuse. The cleanup campaign was organized by Meuse Cleanup, of which Mosa became a founding partner earlier this year.



Foto: Jonathan Vos

There are more than 1,000 pieces of rubbish along every 100 metres of the Meuse. And this does not include the soil and water pollution caused by all that waste! Not only does this waste have an impact on biodiversity, but also on the quality of our drinking water and other water that we use. Meuse Cleanup is a movement by companies, conservation organizations, other associations, and citizens – all united together for the River Meuse. Cleanup campaigns free the River Meuse from plastic for a day. This is absolutely necessary: to illustrate, no less than 425 kilograms of waste were collected in the port of Roermond in the event on 18 September. 

A clean River Meuse means that those people living in the catchment area will have better access to clean drinking water and live in a cleaner environment. ‘The River Meuse provides us with clay and water, and as a company, we feel responsible for our environment,’ explains Frank Spikker, Mosa CEO. ‘We produce our tiles with respect for people and planet because we believe that everyone is entitled to a healthy living environment.’ 

Mosa has already been working in accordance with the Cradle to Cradle® philosophy for more than ten years. ‘Sustainability is and remains our highest priority. When I lived in Asia, my children and I used to clear away litter from the beaches in Singapore. I therefore consider it a personal moral duty to leave a healthy company behind,’ Frank concludes. 

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