February 18, 2020

Global Corporate Accounts Team supports retail

When you look at successful retail companies, there are several factors that contribute to success. One essential fact is the ability to create lively shopping experiences that creates real value for the shopper. In other words: The experience in the shop is a strong brand-building factor. Setting and maintaining the same brand experience in every shop is a key task and challenge for every retailer. Due to the rise of the Internet and increasing popularity of online shopping, retail companies all around the world strive to create a unique shopping and branding experience in their physical shops in order to offer an enjoyable and rewarding shopping experience. Next to the creation of brand preference and brand loyalty, operational cost management is key to endure in a competitive environment.




Improved solutions to retail companies

Understanding these important elements for the retail industry, Mosa supports retail companies in the creation of their corporate identity, while incorporating all aspects of design, sustainability, security and ease-of-maintenance at the same time. The latter is key in minimizing the operational costs of a store operation.

With the international set-up of Mosa’s Global Corporate Accounts Team, the company can be a true project partner for large international accounts in every stage of a store design, installation and maintenance project, across the globe. The Mosa team offers dedicated support of application specialists, product managers, design and innovation managers, supply chain management and customer support.

Together with its partners, Mosa is determined to provide improved solutions to retail companies. Currently, Mosa is testing a new floor tiles click-system with its partner TGLS , which allows for much faster installation. With this system, tiles can be easily exchanged when needed e.g. in case of a new store identity, or the tiles can be used elsewhere or reused in the production process to create new tiles. This circular system is being presented for the first time at Euroshop 2020, Düsseldorf, Germany, from February 16th – 20th.

Advantages for retailers

For the retailers, this brings many benefits: Firstly, they profit from Mosa’s technical and application knowledge, securing that the right choices are made for the right reasons, e.g. when selecting specific tiles in their stores. Secondly, they profit from individual design solutions provided by Mosa. Starting by design and visualisation support up to individual tile designs, Mosa combines its own expertise and the requirements of the customer into the right solution. Last but not least, customers can rely on tailored supply chain solutions to secure just-in-time deliveries for global roll-outs of new stores or renovation projects.

Future vision

Although the Global Corporate Accounts Team is a relatively new part of Mosa’s organisation, feedback from existing customers, e.g. in fashion, personal care and supermarkets, has been very positive and a good motivation to follow this track even further. With regards to the future, the company is therefore determined to continue to strengthen these activities, working closely together with retailers and their partners on dedicated retail innovations in order to create a lasting shopping experience at minimal operational costs.

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