June 17, 2019

Terra Tones brings surfaces to life

Offering surfaces that come to life through depth and vibrancy, Mosa’s Terra Tones tiles guarantee truly dynamic interiors and exteriors. These tiles are renowned for their contemporary and sophisticated feel, which lets you play with color tones and formats within a single surface.



The Terra Tones series has been cleverly structured around sets of basic tiles in natural, warm and cool colors. Every tile has a lighter and darker variant, and together they form a set and create optical depth. The series also offers the option of different tile formats to compose patterns; the result is a truly vivid, yet natural ceramic surface.

Now, Mosa is expanding Terra Tones with a brand-new selection of colors. The refined elegance of the Terra Tones tiles has been enhanced by new products, which are set to enrich this beloved range of ceramics. More options mean that architects and designers can create the environment of their choice with even more precision, seamlessly and effortlessly. The results are lively compositions, with spaces that boast depth and vibrancy; the result is a flowing and subtle look, thanks to Terra Tones’ smooth powdery finish. The new colors are: cool porcelain white, mid warm grey, dark grey brown and light beige.

Now, the full series consists of eight basic tile colors: cool porcelain white, mid warm grey, dark grey brown, light beige, grey green, mid grey, anthracite, and cool black. The tiles in the Terra Tones series are suitable for indoor and outdoor use on walls, floors and terraces.

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