Creative freedom

Make your contemporary interior design more realistic and easier to create with the Mosa Pattern Generator. The Pattern Generator allows you to make endless combinations with new and existing wall and floor patterns. You are free to choose from all available formats, grids, textures, and colours. The patterns can be fully integrated into standard design and construction software packages. Your sketch is instantly transformed into a feasible and personalized design.

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Anything is possible

Whether your design is complex or simple, geometric and rhythmic, or demure or bold: whatever the room calls for, you can adjust and compare patterns and even adjust tiles individually. The designs can be easily exported to SketchUp, AutoCAD and Revit. This makes it even easier to present your ideas in an attractive and appealing way.

Creativity combined with calculation and creation

  • The designer can present complete floors and walls.
  • These can be designed using any of the tiles from the Mosa collection.
  • The 3D visualizer can seamlessly export high resolution visuals to 3D software packages.
  • The builder will know exactly which and how many boxes are needed.
  • The tiler will receive clear instructions.


Technical precision, digital ingenuity

The Mosa Pattern Generator precisely calculates the amount, format, and percentages of the required tiles. It also generates a working plan with instructions for the tile-layer. The Mosa Pattern Generator combines the latest modern web-based techniques, allowing you to work in real-time. A floor or wall can be drawn into a photograph and includes that realistic gloss.

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