December 4, 2020

Brexit Statement for Customers

The decision by the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, known as Brexit, presents challenges to businesses across both the UK and the EU. Whilst in the transition period up until the 31st December 2020, Royal Mosa continues to monitor the situation and supporting you by offering the service you may expect from us as a partner is our foremost priority.

We have been working to assess and mitigate the likely impacts of ‘Brexit’ on our customers and suppliers. We have undertaken a review of our supply chain to minimise the impact of any major changes following Brexit. We have focused on those areas that could have the most direct impact on our ability to service customers.

Authorised Economic Operator(AEO-C)
In November 2018 we became an ‘Authorised Economic Operator’ (AEO-C). This scheme, adopted by several countries across the Globe, is a World Customs Organization initiative towards Standards to secure and facilitate Global Trade. The benefits include simplified customs procedures and will help us to minimize the impact for you and maximize a reliable supply to the UK in these uncertain Brexit times.

We continue to prepare based on the assumption that there will be no free trade agreement in place between the UK and EU in time for the end of the transition period. Therefore, we remain focused on key areas we have considered to be important; including, but not limited to changes to tariffs, customs borders, exchange rates and regulatory frameworks, as well as any impact on our supply chain.

We hope that a business-friendly ‘Brexit’ deal can be reached and we are of the belief that our ability to do business with our distributors and suppliers will not be jeopardised.

In the meantime, we remain available to discuss any specific concerns. If you have further questions, please contact us at the below details:

Country Manager UK: Damian Hunter ([email protected])
Customs Coordinator: Zoë van Luijk ([email protected])