Facade tiles

Facades are a major factor in defining a building's signature and the identity of the building's user. The design of Mosa's facade tiles comply with, or even surpass, the most stringent requirements relating to quality and functionality. This design has earned Mosa a clear leading role in the tile industry. The combination of outstanding aesthetics and practical characteristics has produced highly refined architectural solutions with a perfect finish. Mosa offers a range of different series with facade tiles in coordinated colour and size combinations.

Core Collection

Signature surfaces, made easy

Core Collection underscores the timeless quality of Mosa tiles by uniting the beloved series of Solids, Terra, and Quartz. Terra Tones expands Terra’s colour palette. The tiles are modular and efficiently arranged, allowing you to intuitively choose the right tile colours, tile textures, tile sizes, and tile shapes. Each series has its own character. From the dynamic, richly layered texture of Solids and the matt, soft, powdery look of Terra, to the robust granite look of Quartz. Yet they also share several universal Mosa characteristics, such as their natural, pure ceramic look, their inherent versatility, and their strong, sustainable properties.

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Other applications

Our tiles are suitable for a wide range of applications alongside their use as floor tiles.