Classics Foxtrot

A glossy, distinctive, and functional wall tile, typical of the thirties.

Call me back

The atmosphere of the 1930s

Classics Foxtrot consists of ivory-coloured wall tiles with a tiny black dot pattern and a contrasting black strip. These colours immediately bring to mind the aesthetics of the 1930s.


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Sizes Classics Foxtrot

The Classics Foxtrot wall tiles are available in the size 15 x 15 centimetres. Click on the size to see the colour.

Classics Foxtrot accessories

In addition to wall tiles, Classics Foxtrot offers matching accessories such as strips or edge and corner finishes.

Classics Foxtrot tile patterns

Our tiles are modular. This makes it easy to create a number of different patterns. These tile patterns create an interplay of lines on floors and walls. This can create a subdued or bold look, or a linear or edgy aesthetic. Use our examples or create the desired effect by designing your own pattern with the use of our Pattern Generator.

Mosa Classics

A collection of iconic products, arising from our passion for distinctive and exceptional tiles. Classics is formed by Mosa series that have already proven themselves: Classics Foxtrot, Classics Kho Liang Ie Collection, and Classics Trocadero. Foxtrot is an ivory-coloured wall tile that is reminiscent of the 1930s. The Kho Liang Ie Collection is an iconic design classic: glossy, geometric, and textured. Trocadero is a classic, glossy wall tile with facet edge, an ode to the well-known metro station in Paris. In short, all the Mosa classics in one collection.

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Unique patterns

The different hues and sizes make Mosa tiles perfect for creating interesting tile patterns, whether your design is complex or simple, geometric and rhythmic, or demure or bold. The interplay of lines between tile and joint creates interesting surfaces. Mosa provides you with the tools to do this entirely as you wish. Designing tile patterns is easy with the Pattern Generator.

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Cradle to Cradle Silver certificate

Sustainability is one of Mosa's core values. The Classics tiles are a leading example in sustainable production. Almost the entire programme is Cradle to Cradle Silver certified.

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