Issue 2 / Spring 2019
The Noord / Zuidlijn in Amsterdam: a public museum

In the 1990s, plans were made to construct a new metro line in Amsterdam, representing a complex task in a densely populated city. This metro line…

Literature meets design

Coffee bar, meeting place, and bookshop all in one is what would best describe Librairie ICI Paris. Nestled in the second arrondissement of the French…

Design Classic

The BIC® Cristal® has become such an everyday object that we tend to forget it’s a design classic. It’s even part of the permanent collection of the…

At the cutting edge of contradiction

Studio Drift balances on the line separating art and design, with its use of installations (some including the use of light), furniture, and films.…

Sustainability? Only with a good business case!

Professor Piet Eichholtz is the Department Chair and Professor of Real Estate Finance for Maastricht University. Previously, he worked for the…

It’s all about the customer…

Customer-centric value creation, mass customization, personalization – these are keywords that underlie a new paradigm for everyone involved in…

Leather alternatives

Whether from an ethical or an ecological point of view, the future of the leather industry can spark many a loaded discussion. Environmental pollution…

The palazzo is imbued with Rembrandt

As the Netherlands is celebrating 2019 in style as the year of Rembrandt, the Dutch pavilion in Milan during the Salone del Mobile will naturally do…

Collaborating with freelance designers keeps us on our toes

An interview with Sebastiaan Sanders from furniture manufacturer Leolux: a company based in Venlo in the south of the Netherlands and founded in 1934.…

Colour is just a word to those who cannot see it.

An exceptionally large part of the population of Pingelap suffers from achromatopsia.

Photography © Sanne De Wilde / NOOR - Island of The Colorblind

Rainbow matrix.

Color of Time by Emmanuelle Moureaux depicts the flow of time with 120,000 paper figures.

Photography Daisuke Shima

Everything is in flux.

Karin Karinson builds sculptures comprised of objects, debris, and clay glazed and melted together in a kiln.

Photography Karin Karinson

Melting into the digital world.

An interactive digital installation that is rendered in real-time at the MORI building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM.

Photography teamLab Borderless

Functional fungi.

Roos Soetekouw designed Fungy, a collection of textiles, after being inspired by a fungus that can degrade plastic.

Photography Tim Stet

The beauty of reforestation.

Forests cover a third of Germany and are growing in size. Tree nurseries help reforestation by growing seedlings to be replanted in nature.

Photography Tom Hegen

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