April 14, 2020

Imitating the natural cycle for a circular economy

In the standard product life cycle, raw materials are taken to make products. In turn, these products are used, thrown away and produce waste. Nature, however, knows no waste: The natural cycle is one of making, using, decomposing and turning into nutrients for new growth. At Mosa, our tiles are Cradle-to-Cradle products, emulating the natural cycle into a product cycle. We want our products and processes to be a breeding ground for something new. We are headed for a circular economy.

Contributing to a green building future

For years, sustainability has grown and developed into one of our core topics. In 2020, we can celebrate 10 years of Cradle to Cradle certification at Mosa. As of today, our tiles have the Cradle to Cradle silver certification – but this is not the end for us. We will continue to contribute to a healthy building environment for the users and take our responsibility for a healthy climate seriously. We are putting all our motivation and innovation performance into fulfilling the new requirements of Cradle to Cradle version 4. In addition, we are heading even further: we are going for gold. What are the main changes compared to version 3.1?  Which requirements are needed? Which key aspects will Mosa focus on? Read our whitepaper to find out more.

> Whitepaper 'Contributing to a green building future'
Being part of a healthy environment

Acting responsibly with regards to the environment is increasingly relevant for building owners, public and private alike. Their goal is to create buildings that are part of a healthy environment. Today, green building labels deliver a valuable contribution: They give a thorough overview of which materials contribute, in which way, to the overall goal of a green building. Different labels focus on different aspects, however, they do have one thing in common: They are a valuable source to find the right manufacturers, materials, and processes.  If you want to know why should get certified and how, have a look at our whitepaper here:

> Whitepaper 'Green Building Labels'
Sustainability in the US

Sustainability is of growing interest in the US. Compared to Europe, initiatives in the US are pushed by organisations. Early March of this year, Mosa Sustainability Manager, Dorien van der Weele, went to Chicago, Austin, Houston, and Dallas to exchange ideas and information with architects and interior designers. Would you like to know more about sustainability in the US?

> Read more about sustainability in the US