Floor tiles

Mosa’s floor tile designs meet and often exceed even the most stringent quality and functionality requirements, yet it is design that makes Mosa a thought leader. Superb aesthetics combined with practical techniques translate into refined and complete architectural solutions. Thoughtful details such as integrated lighting and guidance tiles for the visually impaired are often part of the floor tile collections. Mosa offers a wide range of coordinating colors, sizes, slip-resistant tiles, trim and accessories.

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Global Collection

A striking colour palette to complement a tile series defined by functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability.


Floor tiles with excellent anti-slip properties for increased safety.

More than white

Wall tiles with matching strips and mosaics to create different designs and styles. The combinations are endless.


Pure ceramic with a versatile aesthetic that that unites neutral and earthy characteristics. The subtle tile gradations enhance the appearance of any surface.


A gradual build-up of colours, shades, and textures. The unique character of the tiles creates a natural scene.


Functional anti-slip tiles with a micro-seal and antibacterial properties.


This timeless, sustainable, and unglazed floor tile is available in one size that is easy to pair with many wall tiles from the Mosa collection.


Timeless and pure ceramics in natural hues with a rugged look and feel. Together, these tiles create a unified whole: like a ceramic skin, Solids adds warmth and depth to any surface.

Terra Beige & Brown

Gradations of beige and brown in three colour types. Combine colours and sizes to create a lively tile pattern with distinctive lines.

Terra Greys

A wide selection of grey shades with subtle design nuances. The individual tiles create a surface that is modest, timeless, and natural.

Terra Maestricht

Striking, earthy hues symbolize pure ceramics. A timeless classic that adds a unique touch to any surface.

Terra Tones

A subtle palette of light, medium, and dark shades in the same colour helps to create a vibrant tile surface.