Wall tiles

The award-winning Mosa Design Team are true innovators when it comes to developing advanced wall tile collections, colors and systems, in part thanks to Mosa’s flexible, state-of-the-art, in-house production capabilities. All Mosa wall tiles are double-hardened or double-fired for a high-quality glaze layer with a glossy or subtly matt surface. They’re modular and offer easy installation thanks to precise consistency in size.

Classics collection

A collection of iconic products, arising from our passion for distinctive and exceptional tiles. Classics is formed by Mosa series that have already proven themselves: Classics Kho Liang Ie Collection, Classics Tide and Classics Trocadero. The Kho Liang Ie Collection is an iconic design classic: glossy, geometric, and textured. Tide brings a touch of the classic to a contemporary look by using an artisanal-style glaze technique and guarantee truly rich and dynamic interiors. Trocadero is a classic, glossy wall tile with facet edge, an ode to the well-known metro station in Paris. In short, all the Mosa classics in one collection.

Murals wall tile collection

Seamless interiors form the essence of Murals; architecture and ceramics come together in perfect synergy. This dynamic wall tiles collection comprises layers of carefully composed colors, formats, finishes, and textures, designed to coexist in harmony. Murals offers designers unprecedented creative freedom and authentic materials. The four series of tiles that make up Murals – Blend, Fuse, Change, and Lines – draw on the same principles, but each one is clearly distinct.

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Terra tile collection

Timeless basic tiles with unparalleled and vivacious color gradations. Terra is a strong classic tile in pure ceramic. Well known for its matt, powder-like look and flamed design. The tile can be used on floors and walls, indoors and outdoors. Terra comprises the series: Terra Beige & Brown, Terra Greys, Terra Maestricht, and Terra Tones. Thanks to the diversity in hues and designs, each series creates its own look and feel.

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Other applications

Our tiles are suitable for a wide range of applications alongside their use as wall tiles.
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