Floor tiles for outdoor use

From patios and balconies to galleries and entryways, Mosa floor tiles are ideally suited for outdoor use, and offer a seamless transition between the interior and exterior of a space.

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Aesthetically ideal,
and very functional

Using the same tiles for all surfaces creates a visual link between interior and exterior. The ultimate result forms a uniform whole, which exudes calm and high quality. The available choices include a range of sizes and shades as well as two types of surface: smooth or in relief.

Mosa tiles bring together aesthetics and smart functionality. Our lightweight floor tiles are naturally well-suited for exterior use, provided they are glued directly onto a concrete substructure. They are very low maintenance and are made to last for years and years thanks to their strong material properties.

Unique combination of properties


Scratch-resistant and wear-resistant. As there is no chance for the occurrence of scratches and wearing, the tiles do not age. 


Moisture-resistant and anti-slip (class Ril for types RL and RO).


UV-resistant and weatherproof. The selected colour will always remain, even when exposed to the weather. 


Stain-resistant. Mosa tiles are resistant to oils, acids, and grease, making the tiles easy to clean. 


Anti-slip outdoor tiles

Outdoor areas such as terraces, balconies, galleries, and platforms around swimming pools are at risk of becoming slippery surfaces when moisture is involved. To prevent people from slipping on such surfaces, a higher non-slip value is a must. For such situations, Mosa offers anti-slip outdoor tiles that are moisture resistant with a range of R ratings.