Classics Tide

Bring a touch of the classic to a contemporary look by using an artisanal-style glaze technique and guarantee truly rich and dynamic interiors.

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Intentionally varied
surface textures

The poured glaze, which is molten glass, is not poured evenly, but rather is released in an irregular flow that achieves different depths of glaze. The result is a play of darker and lighter areas across the tile surface, creating a vibrant warmth and textural appeal that is usually associated with handmade tile. Because of this technique, like handmade tile, no two Classics Tide tiles are alike. This very subtle movement and variation in the bisque mimics a hand-pressed clay body, allowing the glaze to pool and ebb as it flows over the tile.

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Sizes Classics Tide

Taking leave from large format tile, Classics Tide is produced in a subway tile format of 4x8 inch bricks, in a case of a wildly popular and timeless residential style that is well suited for commercial and hospitality use. Like any brick shaped tile, Classics Tide can be set vertically, horizontally, offset or linear, and also in chevron style patterns.

Mosa Classics

A collection of iconic products, arising from our passion for distinctive and exceptional tiles. Classics is formed by Mosa series that have already proven themselves: Classics Kho Liang Ie Collection, Classics Tide and Classics Trocadero. The Kho Liang Ie Collection is an iconic design classic: glossy, geometric, and textured. Tide brings a touch of the classic to a contemporary look by using an artisanal-style glaze technique and guarantee truly rich and dynamic interiors. Trocadero is a classic, glossy wall tile with facet edge, an ode to the well-known metro station in Paris. In short, all the Mosa classics in one collection.

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0606 (bone)


0608 (charcoal grey)


0601  (serene white)
0605 (fog grey)


0607 (rust)


0601  (serene white)
0605 (fog grey)
0606 (bone)


0601  (serene white)
0602 (blush)
0607  (rust)
0608 (charcoal grey)


0604 (blue mist)


0602 (blush)


0601 (serene white)
0604 (blue mist)
0605 (fog grey)
0606 (bone)


0603 (sage)


0601 (serene white)
0602 (blush)
0605 (fog grey)
0606 (bone)


0605 (fog grey)

Soft, rich and coastal-inspired colors

Mosa is best known for its almost scientifically precise nuance within the cool and warm neutrals range, but this collection soars creatively with painterly colors achieved with hard-candy-style glazes.  The Classics Tide capsule series consists of eight soft, rich, coastal-inspired colors. The color names express their gentle yet irresistible charm: serene white, blush, sage, blue mist, fog grey, charcoal grey, bone and rust. 


Cradle to Cradle Silver certificate

Sustainability is one of Mosa's core values. The Classics tiles are a leading example in sustainable production. Almost the entire programme is Cradle to Cradle Silver certified.

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