Timeless basic tiles with unparalleled and vivacious color gradations. Terra is a strong classic tile in pure ceramic. Well-known for its matt, powder-like look and flamed dessin. The tile can be used on floors and walls, indoors and outdoors. Terra comprises the series: Terra Beige & Brown, Terra Greys, Terra Maestricht, and Terra Tones. Thanks to the diversity in hues and dessins, each series creates its own look and feel.

Terra Beige & Brown

Terra Beige & Brown comprises neutral grey brown, brown, and red brown hues. The tiles are slightly greyed and have a subtle color saturation. This series is characterized by the matt, powder-like finish: warm, yet contemporary. The hues transition from light to dark in four gradual steps. The combination of light and dark hues, with the option of using a variety of formats, creates a lively interplay of lines on tiled floors and walls.

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Terra Greys

Terra Greys comprises tiles in warm and cool grey tones: basic colors with subtle nuances in the dessin that create a sleek, industrial look. The shades gradually merge into each other, from light to dark. A combination of light and/or dark grey tones in a variety of formats creates rhythm and structure in walls and floors. The color gradations in Terra Greys are minimal, so a wall in a single color tone has a uniform look.

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Terra Maestricht

Terra Maestricht represents bold earthy hues with strikingly vivacious color gradations. The flamed dessin and the powder-like structure are characteristic of pure ceramic. No two Terra Maestricht tiles look exactly alike. Every tile has its own subtle color differences, as is the case in nature. These tiles owe these gradations to the natural striations of ceramic granulate. The combination of different color mixes ensures a vivacious character and creates optical depth in walls and floors.

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Terra Tones

Terra Tones is a contemporary, refined range of tiles that lets you play with colour tones and formats. The series is structured around basic tiles in natural, warm, and cool colours. Every basic tile has a lighter and darker variant; together they form a dynamic set. The combination of three tones results in tiled walls and floors that create optical depth. Their vivid yet natural appearance is effortlessly enhanced in a pattern of different formats. As a source of inspiration, Mosa developed tiling patterns to optimize the Terra Tones effect.

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Terra and the Pattern Generator

Terra finds its perfect partner in the Pattern Generator. This is a tile collection that celebrates the power of choice, and adaptability, offering numerous options for highly-inspirational tile surfaces to fit any style. Created as a tool that allows for creative freedom and that helps designers bring their ideas to life, the Pattern Generator is the ideal companion in exploring the world of ceramics through Terra.

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