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Renovation and innovation of Rotterdam Airport Terminal by Moen & van Oosten Architects

Mosa tiles provide aesthetics, sustainability, and functionality for a successful airport design.

Rotterdam Airport has recently completed an ambitious renovation and expansion project, with architectural firm Moen & van Oosten realizing the renewed design concept. The goal was to renovate the airport while maintaining a warm and inviting atmosphere. Moen & van Oosten Architects, who is renowned for their precise control of design and implementation processes, was chosen as the architectural partner for this project.



One of the key changes was the addition of 10,763.91 square feet to the new departure hall, as well as the renovation of approximately 16,145.86 square feet of existing space. The expansion of the departure hall began in January 2018. The total renovation lasted about two years. Throughout the renovation, the terminal remained fully operational, thanks to the efforts of one of the finest tiling companies in the Netherlands, TGLS from Nieuwegein.

The architectural team was well aware that maintaining a warm ambiance was crucial, but simultaneously, solutions had to be found for the maintenance issues with the floors. The parquet flooring that was originally present in the airport did create a homely atmosphere, but it posed significant maintenance challenges. Hence, the challenge was to select a floor finish that retained the warmth of the environment while simplifying the maintenance process.


"The floor design played a crucial role in creating the desired atmosphere in the various spaces of the airport."



Moen & van Oosten Architects, led by Henk Moen, is a versatile Rotterdam-based firm engaged in various projects, ranging from individual residences to complex commercial buildings. They opted for a Mosa Core Collection Solids tile to achieve the desired effect. Wood was utilized both in the interior design and the structure of the building to create a warm ambiance. Moreover, considerable attention was given to maximizing natural daylight within the terminal. By incorporating rooftop terraces, ample natural light was introduced, resulting in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Maintaining a tranquil environment was essential, as travelers often experience tension before embarking on their journeys.

The floor design played a crucial role in creating the desired atmosphere in the various spaces of the airport. The dining area and shops are inherently bustling, and yet it was equally important to maintain a serene appearance.




"By laying the tiles in a random pattern, a subtle play of nuances emerges, giving the floors a serene look without being dull."


Henk Moen states, "Core Collection Solids tiles are the ideal choice, as they offer a calm yet vibrant appearance. By laying the tiles in a random pattern, a subtle play of nuances emerges, giving the floors a serene look without being dull." A different tile pattern was used at the gates and waiting areas to create a distinct ambiance. These spaces were designed with comfort and relaxation in mind. By employing the same color of Mosa tiles in a different size and pattern, a sense of intimacy was established.

In making the right tile choices and receiving advice on sizing and laying patterns, Moen & van Oosten Architects collaborated with consultant Gert Jan Hol. Henk explains, "Gert Jan helped the architectural team select tiles that were not only aesthetically appealing but also met the functional requirements of the airport."



Henk Moen, Moen & van Oosten Architekten

In addition to aesthetics and functionality, sustainability was also a focus. Careful choices were made based on Cradle-to-Cradle principles and energy-efficient solutions. Green roofs were implemented to capture fine particles, promote biodiversity, and stabilize indoor temperatures. Integrated ventilation systems ensured an energy-efficient air treatment installation.

The selection of Mosa tiles was a strategic decision that took both aesthetic and functional considerations into account. The tiles' robustness was crucial due to the airport's high level of usage. Slip resistance was a key quality when choosing the floor tiles, especially in public areas where moisture might be present. Mosa tiles met all these requirements while offering a timeless design that harmoniously blended with the overall ambiance of Rotterdam Airport.

The renovation and expansion project at Rotterdam Airport combines aesthetics, sustainability, and functionality. With the right choice of Mosa tiles, Moen & van Oosten Architects have created a warm and inviting environment where travelers feel comfortable as they await their next adventure.

"Careful choices were made based on Cradle-to-Cradle principles and energy-efficient solutions."

Project details
Project: Rotterdam Airport
Architect: Moen & van Oosten Architekten
Location: Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
Completion: 2020
Mosa series: Core Collection Solids
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