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Transforming an old London water tower into a modern home

Leigh Osborne and Graham Voce are the owners of this amazing residence, which they had spent several months designing, constructing and ultimately transforming from its original state as an old water tower. Located in central London, the tower was an architectural remnant of the 19th century that had long been left untouched until this year.

When the duo first came upon the tower, they were unfortunately welcomed by 2,000 dead pigeons and an unthinkable amount of droppings. After extensive cleaning work, the renovation could begin – made all the more difficult as the tower is Grade II listed, its walls are 5ft thick, and it stands 99ft tall.



“It enhances the calm atmosphere and lets the building and interior stand out.”.


It was definitely an uphill battle to repurpose the building into their dream home. However, in the end, Osborne and Voce managed to create a modern living space that boasts four bedrooms, a gym, a rooftop terrace, a functioning lift, spacious bathrooms and enormous windows for a refreshing stream of natural light. The owners used Mosa tiles for the bathrooms, the kitchen with a view and the terrace. “It was a struggle choosing all the right materials, but in the end these porcelain tiles fit in perfectly.” The owners chose the mid grey colour from the Core Collection Terra collection for its light, bright and distinctive appearance. “It enhances the calm atmosphere and lets the building and interior stand out.” The same tiles are used on the terrace as well to create a spacious feeling.




It took only eight months to meet their ambitious goal of constructing a home that is not only breathtaking to look at, but also offers its own jaw-dropping views. Crowning the massive tower from the beginning was a water tank that Osborne and Voce decided to keep, with the addition of six windows to offer a 360° view of London like no other. Each side of the room presents a different vista to take in. It's an admirable feat to have accomplished and will most likely remain a legendary landmark for centuries to come.


Project: Water Tower
Architect: ACR Architects
Location: Londen (United Kingdom)
Completion: 2012
Mosa series: Core Collection Terra
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