SBB Reisezentrum Flughafen Zürich
SBB AG, Personenverkehr

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Creating a customer experience instead of just selling tickets

SBB has broken new ground with the redesign of its travel centres - and has also used tiles from Royal Mosa.

As the state railway company in Switzerland, SBB has been transporting people and goods for more than 120 years. One of the central points of contact for passenger transport has always been the travel centres. As early as 2014, the company was concerned with implementing a new concept in the travel centres. The aim of the redesign: to strengthen the proximity to the customers. In 2021, a second concept was launched, which is even better tailored to the changing customer needs. Customers can be inspired and get personal advice if they have questions. Responsible for both concepts and the ongoing redesign of the travel centres is the internal architecture department headed by Walid Hassab El Nabi. He comes from the retail sector and brings a lot of experience with him.



The redesign of the travel centres focuses on making life easier for customers. In addition to buying tickets, customers can also take advantage of SBB services, enjoy detailed advice or shop in the in-house shop, depending on their needs. Architecturally, this is implemented through an open system. The old counter with the employee behind a glass wall has had its day. Instead, there are consultation tables, a travel bar, digital corners and the inspiration zone, where customers can get information or take advantage of possible waiting times.

The materials used were carefully selected: Quality and design were just as much in focus as the longevity and sustainability of the individual products. SBB chose the Terra Tones series from Royal Mosa as its partner for the floor tiles.


"We have to make sure that all products are available for the entire duration of the project."



Walid Hassab El Nabi: "For us, the manufacturers we work with are not just suppliers, but partners. We involve them right from the concept stage to get their expertise and to be able to choose the right product. This also applies to Royal Mosa. After our briefing, the contact person from sales sent us samples that we could test. In the end, we chose Mosa's Terra Tones."

In terms of color, the tiles integrate well into the design concept and create a warm, comfortable atmosphere. In addition, the tiles also had to fit into the new concept in other ways. Slip resistance and easy cleaning are two of them. Because in all areas with high customer traffic, these are two factors that influence the safety of customers and at the same time have an important influence on how long a room looks good. Hassab El Nabi also paid attention to sustainability in the first concept in 2014, and in a double sense. For one, sustainability means longevity. "We build our travel centres to last 15 to 25 years. That's why we look for robust and durable material with a timeless design in the tiles. In addition, the refurbishment is a project that runs over several years. We have to make sure that all products are available for the entire duration of the project." Secondly, sustainability also means taking important environmental aspects into account. Environmental sustainability starts with the materials used and continues through production and working conditions.




"For us, the manufacturers we work with are not just suppliers, but partners."


The feedback from customers and employees on the newly designed centres is very positive. After each opening, SBB conducts a customer survey in order to be able to continuously integrate improvements into the process. In addition, the company maintains an open exchange with customers and interest groups and involves them in the concept development process.

"The topic of partnership in all directions is part of our philosophy. That's why we need companies on the supplier side that understand this philosophy and go along with it. This has worked very well with Mosa," Walid Hassab El Nabi sums up his experience. It will not be boring for him and his team in the years to come. Not all of SBB's 120 or so travel centres have been converted to the new concept by a long shot. And who knows when customer needs and new technologies will make it necessary to adapt the travel centres.


Project details
Project: SBB Reisezentrum Flughafen Zürich
Architect: SBB AG, Personenverkehr
Location: Kloten (Switzerland)
Completion: 2022
Mosa series: Terra Tones
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