Exceptional tile qualities

Mosa’s special Ultragres technology means our floor tiles far exceed quality standards. This innovative process creates a dual porosity tile that provides exceptional performance properties, while ensuring each single tile is unique.


Ultragres technology guarantees functionality

Floor tiles are subject to stringent quality requirements, with different qualities demanded for the upper side and underside of the tile. However, our innovative Ultragres technology ensures exceptional performance qualities in all our tiles.

The top layer of the floor tile must:

  • Be wear-resistant.
  • Have excellent scratch-resistant properties.
  • Be resistant to dirty marks.
  • Be very low maintenance.
  • Have aesthetic value.

The underside of the floor tile must:

  • Have excellent flexural and break strength.
  • Have maximum dimensionality stability and be flat.
  • Have sufficient adhesive properties.

Dense top layer

The dense top layer of our floor tiles makes them wear-resistant and guarantees their excellent anti-slip properties, even when subject to heavy mechanical or chemical stresses. The high density of the top layer also minimizes water permeation, ensuring the tile’s resistance to dirt marks.

Dimensionally stable

As Mosa floor tiles are rectified during the production process they guarantee excellent dimensional stability and outstanding adhesion. Meanwhile, minimizing water absorbency to 0.3% ensures perfect adhesion with tile adhesive and anchoring mortar.

Flexural and break strength

Breaking strength is an important element in floor tiles. This value is determined by the flexural strength and tile thickness. Given their flexural strength of 50 N/mm², Ultragres floor tiles far exceed the industry standard of 35 N/mm². Our eight-millimetre-thick floor tiles have a breaking strength of 1700 N.

Minimal joints

The flatness of Ultragres floor tiles exceeds industry standards, as do the warpage and squareness. This means the tiles can be laid in complex patterns and with narrow joints measuring three or four millimetres. What is even more impressive is that tiles with ground-to-size edges – starting at formats measuring 30 x 60 centimetres – can be laid with joints measuring two millimetres.

Ultragres production process

Mosa floor tiles are 100 percent ceramic and are produced in accordance with the dual-layer Ultragres process. Ceramic raw materials in powder form are scattered over a surface of basic tile mix. This creates the aesthetic variations that give Mosa’s tiles their natural appearance.

The materials are then isostatically pressed under high pressure. The pressure is dependent on the size of the tile, with tiles measuring 30 x 30 centimetres subject to a pressure of 400 tons. This pressing method also involves the use of special press powders for the top side and underside of the tile. These powders cater to the specific requirements that apply to each side. The Ultragres tiles are then fired at a temperature of around 1230 °C to achieve a complete sintering of the tile.