June 15, 2021

Mosa Stage: A stage where life can unfold

Mosa’s CR series (also formerly known as Canvas) is now Mosa Stage. The new name marks the expansion of the range of tiles to include a new, larger size, making the collection more versatile in use in distinctive, high-end projects. From a small canvas to the big stage, where stories come to life and are shared.

Mosa Stage supports every spatial concept, subtly yet persuasively accentuating interiors. The new 36 x 36 inch size inspires designers to create multi-functional stages where life can unfold. Mosa Stage gives a sense of quality and comfort, but doesn't hog all the attention— an expertly calculated balance between subtle sophistication and resilience.

Mosa-Stage-series-3508-02 .jpg

Low-maintenance and non-slip

A mixture of granulate with ceramic flakes of different sizes and pigment tones give every tile character. From a distance, a surface looks like one coherent entity, but in reality it is a rich combination of layers and details. This helps the tiles blend smoothly into their surroundings and prevents the eye from being led in one specific direction. With the refined glimmer effect, the relief design, and the unique coating, the tiles create a low-maintenance and non-slip surface. These features make the Mosa Stage series ideal for floors in multi-functional, high-traffic areas, such as shops, railway stations, and public buildings.

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Colors and sizes

Mosa Stage is available in 12 x 24, 24 x 24, and 36 x 36 inch sizes and in nine colors, all of which have been inspired by nature, from cool white to ivory black. The 12 x 24 inch version enables patterns and accents when combined with the 24 x 24 inch tile. The 24 x 24 inch version is highly versatile, and can be used in a wide variety of applications. The 36 x 36 inch version creates a sense of space and is ideal for larger rooms. As there are fewer joints, the appearance is seamless and focuses in on the purpose of the space, creating a sense of calm and luxury. The range of tiles also includes steps and skirtings.

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Sustainability is the starting point for every Mosa development, and Mosa Stage is no exception. Our tiles are made from the purest of materials in a sustainable design and production process and have been awarded the Cradle to Cradle® Silver certificate. Mosa respects people and nature, and this is reflected in the natural feel and pure ceramic character of Mosa Stage.

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