September 11, 2019

A new perspective on tiles

Mosa extends its digital offering with the 3D tile viewer

When architects and designers search for the appropriate tiles for their projects, they often do online research to select the samples they need. Photos give them an impression, but basically only show a color. They don’t reveal anything about the pattern or relief of the tile. Now, Royal Mosa takes imagery to a higher level and introduces a new perspective on tiles. The tile manufacturer supports architects and designers in finding the best tile even faster – with the 3D tile viewer.



With the 3D tile viewer, users can easily see more characteristics of a specific tile. Just by clicking on the tile, one can see the tile’s pattern and relief as well as its thickness. But the viewer offers even more advantages: it can show more than just one tile, giving a better and more realistic impression on the overall effect of the tiles on a surface. All in three dimensional view. Specifically for tiles with a unique relief, this creates an online, close-to-natural user experience. For architects and designers, this means a faster and more efficient process of selecting the best samples for their projects.


The 3D tile viewer uses the latest web technology: users do not  need to install any software. Moreover, it is integrated into Mosa’s website and can be accessed by any browser. The viewer is available for all Mosa tiles. Due to their individual design, some tiles are ideal to learn more about the effect they have: Quartz features a unique  textured relief with crystal-like particles. Characteristics that are hard to visualize in a photo, but in 3D, the effect is striking.

Terra Maestricht stands out by its flames. Each tile is unique and features a different pattern. In the 3D viewer, users can see this flaming effect and also change its direction – just as if they would pick a different sample tile and add it to the surface.

Last but not least, when it comes to highlighting the effect of a glazed surface, the Classics Kho Liang Ie Collection is the tile of choice. In the viewer, this is perfectly visible.

Mosa’s 3D tile viewer is the latest extension of Mosa’s digital offering. Together with the Mosa Viewer App and the Mosa Pattern Generator, it enhances the customer experience and supports architects and designers in more efficient ways to make the right choice for their projects.

How to use the 3D tile viewer?