April 14, 2020

Sustainability in the US

Sustainability is of growing interest in the US. In Europe, governments are pushing the circular economy. In the US, these initiatives are pushed by organizations and companies. Among those initiatives is the 2030 Commitment of the American Institute of Architecture, which aims for a carbon neutral building industry until 2030. 


Dorien van der Weele, our sustainability Manager at Mosa, went to Chicago, Austin, Houston and Dallas to exchange ideas and information with architects and interior designers. The trip showed how strong the support within the building industry is to get to healthy buildings and to contribute to fighting climate change by reducing CO₂ emissions.

 It also showed that architects and designers have a lot of questions around material selection, such as: How can we choose ‘good’ materials? How can we compare the embedded CO₂ of various materials in the right way? Databases like “Mindful Materials” can play an important role in this. “Mindful Materials” lists how products contribute to green buildings. Thus, it provides a valuable source of information and orientation for building owners, architects and designers. 

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