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Mosa makeover at Jour & Naked

Located in the heart of the ninth arrondissement in Paris, Jour & Naked unites two restaurant concepts under one roof: a pick-and-mix salad bar (Jour concept) and a counter offering ready-to-eat seasonal products from around the world (Naked concept). The brainchild of architect Damien Brunner from MARFA Studio, this space has been designed in the spirit of 'natural, organic, and respectful architecture' which is in harmony with the culinary concepts offered by the Jour and Naked brand.

Amongst the materials selected by the architect, it is the tiling which encapsulates the identity of this project: the floor is entirely covered in Core Collection Terra pure ceramic tiles in a 24 x 48 inch format, echoing the walls that are adorned from top to toe with Classics Kho Liang Ie Collection tiles. This 1960s design classic, revived by Mosa, features 4 x 4 inch tiles that unite a brilliant white finish with geometric patterns in relief and smooth tiles, which produce a dazzling lighting effect on the tiles.




The restaurant on the ground floor is centred around the two counters: Jour for cold dishes and Naked for hot dishes. The centre opens up with an initial space punctuated by standing tables in Corian® on wooden legs. At the back, an open room with a tree-filled courtyard invites guests to dine at the round or square oak tables on white-lacquered metallic legs, personally designed by the architect. The walls in this area are also graced with Kho Liang Ie tiles, with the exception of a wall covered entirely in plants, highlighting the Jour & Naked brand written in Corian® lettering. This juxtaposition of materials gives the space a breathtaking depth, which is accentuated by the warmth of the oak furniture. Guests can access the restaurant in the basement via a slightly curved staircase, which is also entirely covered in the same brilliant white tiling. The architect explains: 'The tiling is a perfect way to welcome guests into the restaurant on the lower floor'. While the same materials from the concept have been used here, the Jour & Naked brand is written in 'living' letters on the tiled wall.

"The tiling is a perfect way to welcome guests into the restaurant on the lower floor".

'The materials really enhance the brightness in the room, allowing light to liven the spaces,' the architect concludes. Thanks to their simple and understated design of the Kho Liang Ie tiles, Corian®, the oak cladding, and the table tops, these elements combine to create an accessible, welcoming, and pleasant space that embodies the restaurant's fresh concept.'


"The materials really enhance the brightness in the room, allowing light to liven the spaces."

Project details
Project: Jour & Naked
Architect: Jour & Naked Développement NTT
Location: Parijs (France)
Surface area: 2,153 sqft
Completion: 2014
Mosa series: Classics Kho Liang le Collection, Core Collection Terra
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