UPDATE: June 5

Continuous company update on Covid-19 and operational status

People’s health is our priority and we are following the recommendations of the local and international health authorities. Despite the challenges of the current situation, we aim to continue being your dedicated partner in the best possible way. At the same time, we are doing everything we can to secure the safety of our employees and clients.

We are in constant communication with our international teams as well as third parties, such as logistic companies, and we are actively monitoring any developments. Here we keep you informed about our operations and the services we offer. Below we list the current status. 

Mosa Factories

Status: Fully operational
Mosa’s factories are located in Maastricht, the Netherlands (Europe). In order to remain fully operational, we are currently working with adjusted shifts in a few departments of our factories.

Mosa Warehouses and Logistic Centres

Status: Fully operational
Mosa has warehouses and logistic centres in both the Netherlands (Europe) and South Carolina (USA). All warehouses are fully operational. Extra efforts have been made to make sure we keep sufficient stocks. Operational shipments currently remain on schedule and there has been minimum impact on our deliveries.


Status: Fully operational
Our Headquarters in Maastricht, the Netherlands (Europa) has been closed for visitors. The same is true for our New York (USA) office. Eighty percent of our office staff is currently working from home. Our staff is fully equipped in order to continue to support you. All telephone calls are forwarded to our staff’s mobile devices.

Mosa Design Studio’s

For current opening hours per location go to the Mosa Design Studio contact pages.
> Mosa Design Studio Maastricht
> Mosa Design Studio Amsterdam
> Mosa Design Studio London

After Sales

Status: Fully operational
Our After Sales staff remain at your service in the event of complaints. We will continue to support you in the most effective way possible.

Online sample request

Status: Fully operational
Your sample requests are still processed and sent to the address you indicate – also to your home office. Delays in deliveries might occur due to the current situation at our logistic partners.

Architectural Sales Consultants

Our sales staff are working from home and available to support you via email, phone and Microsoft Teams.

Customer Service

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our staff are on hand to help you. Open weekdays from 8:00 to 5:00 pm.

Online services

> Our online services are 24/7 available for your disposal