Help: AutoCAD 2D-grids

All Mosa-grids can be used in the design programme AutoCAD. All Mosa patterns are available for download in .dwg2013 and .dxf format from the Digital Services section of The files are available both as 'array' (repeating element) and 'hatch' (filled with a pattern).

Use of grids in AutoCAD

An array can easily be made to fit using the AutoCAD 'xclip' command. The 'wipeout' command can be used to make holes in the structure for placement of columns or door/window openings. When a 'hatch' is loaded in the file, it is also automatically placed in the 'hatch' library. Using the 'bhatch' command this hatch can be selected from the library and used anywhere in the model.

> More about AutoCAD-arrays

> More about AutoCAD-hatches

Transition from old to new grid codes

Since January 2015 Mosa uses a new grid code system. The old codes will no longer be used. The adjacent table shows the old grid codes and the corresponding new grid codes.

Search by old Mosa grid code
Since the old grid codes are still used in many Mosa brochures, it is possible to search for the old grid code by entering it as the search criterion. Do not forget to use the required dash.

From millimetres to inches
All displayed grids are laid out in millimetres. Minor discrepancies may exist in the inch sizes that are shown.

Search by format group
A Mosa grid code consists of a format group (GR-001) and a sequential number (-001). When searching by grid code it is also possible to search by format. To do this, use just the format group section of the code as search criterion. Do not forget to use the required dash.

GR001 - 001
format group - sequential number

Old Mosa grid codes New Mosa grid codes

Terra Beige & Brown
BS-1 GR004-001
BS-2 GR004-002
BS-3 GR003-001
BS-4 GR014-001
BS-5 GR015-001
BS-6 GR005-001
BS-7 GR001-001
BS-8 GR040-001
BS-9 GR053-001
BS-10 GR001-002

Terra Greys
GS-1 GR016-001
GS-2 GR018-001
GS-3 GR042-001
GS-4 GR055-004
GS-5 GR019-001
GS-6 GR042-002
GS-7 GR018-002
GS-8 GR053-002
GS-9 GR055-005

MM-01-01 GR025-001
MM-01-02 GR025-003
MM-01-03 GR025-004
MM-02-01 GR030-010
MM-02-02 GR030-011
MM-02-03 GR030-003
MM-02-04 GR030-012
MM-02-05 GR030-006
MM-02-06 GR030-013
MM-02-07 GR030-005
MM-02-08 GR030-014
MM-02-09 GR030-015
MM-03-01 GR050-001
MM-03-02 GR050-002
MM-03-03 GR050-003
MM-03-04 GR050-004
MM-03-05 GR050-005
MM-04-01 GR053-003
MM-04-02 GR053-004
MM-04-03 GR053-005
MM-04-04 GR053-006
MM-04-05 GR053-007
MM-04-06 GR053-008
MM-04-07 GR053-009
MM-04-08 GR053-010
MM-04-09 GR053-011
MM-04-10 GR053-012
MM-05-01 GR026-001
MM-05-02 GR026-002
MM-05-03 GR026-003
MM-05-04 GR026-004
MM-05-05 GR026-005
MM-05-06 GR026-006
MM-05-07 GR026-007
MM-05-08 GR026-008
MM-05-09 GR026-009
MM-05-10 GR026-010
MM-06-01 GR027-001
MM-06-02 GR027-002
MM-06-03 GR027-003
MM-06-04 GR027-004
MM-07-01 GR028-001
MM-07-02 GR028-002
MM-07-03 GR028-003
MM-07-04 GR028-004
MM-08-01 GR031-001
MM-08-02 GR031-002
MM-08-03 GR031-003
MM-08-04 GR031-004
MM-08-05 GR031-005
MM-08-06 GR031-006
MM-09-01 GR051-001
MM-09-02 GR051-002
MM-09-03 GR051-003
MM-09-04 GR051-004
MM-09-05 GR051-005
MM-09-06 GR051-006
MM-09-07 GR051-007
MM-09-08 GR051-008

MS60-002 GR005-007
MS60-003 GR041-001
MS60-004 GR039-001
MS60-012 GR016-002
MS60-014 GR013-003
MS60-016 GR017-001
MS60-017 GR054-001
MS60-018 GR053-013
MS60-020 GR057-001
MS60-021 GR038-001
MS60-022 GR061-001
MS60-023 GR068-002

More than White
MW-1 GR014-002
MW-2 GR014-003
MW-3 GR014-004

QS60-1 GR002-003
QS60-2 GR006-001
QS60-3 GR006-002
QS60-4 GR018-003
QS60-5 GR053-002
QS60-6 GR019-002
QS60-7 GR042-003
QS60-8 GR055-006
QS60-9 GR007-001
QS90-1 GR022-001
QS90-2 GR021-001
QS90-3 GR024-001
QS90-4 GR044-001
QS90-5 GR066-001
QS90-6 GR056-001
QS90-7 GR023-001
QS90-8 GR062-001
QS90-9 GR045-001

SS15-001 GR025-001
SS15-002 GR025-002
SS15-003 GR025-003

Terra Maestricht
TM30-1 GR030-001
TM30-2 GR030-002
TM30-3 GR030-003
TM30-4 GR030-004
TM30-5 GR030-005
TM30-6 GR030-006
TM30-7 GR030-007
TM30-8 GR030-008
TM30-9 GR030-009

Terra Maestricht
TS-1 GR003-003
TS-2 GR013-002
TS-3 GR002-001
TS-4 GR008-001
TS-5 GR003-004
TS-6 GR002-002
TS-7 GR003-005
TS-8 GR003-006
TS-9 GR003-007

Terra Tones
TTS60-1 GR003-002
TTS60-2 GR013-001
TTS60-3 GR034-001
TTS60-4 GR034-002
TTS60-5 GR055-001
TTS60-6 GR055-002
TTS60-7 GR055-003
TTS60-8 GR068-001
TTS60-9 GR068-003
TTS60-10 GR053-014
TTS60-11 GR008-002
TTS60-12 GR012-001
TTS60-13 GR012-002

Terra XXL
XS-1 GR048-001
XS-2 GR047-001
XS-3 GR047-002
XS-4 GR046-001
XS-5 GR048-002
XS-6 GR048-003
XS-7 GR048-004
XS-8 GR047-003
XS-9 GR067-001