AutoCAD 2D grid library

Get your native AutoCAD 2D grids of tile surfaces with the Mosa Grid library.

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The Mosa Grid library

The AutoCAD 2D grid library is an online database of pre-made AutoCAD grids. The library is filled with endless pre-made tile grids for floor and wall surfaces. The grids are mixing tile patterns with different tile sizes.

Export AutoCAD 2D grid files
For AutoCAD 2D grid files of a tile surface, we support you with our AutoCAD 2D grid library. Once you have selected your 2D grid for your tile surface, you can directly export your 2D grid for AutoCAD. To match your needs we offer the 2D grid export as: DWG, DXF and PDF file. Download the required file and import this into your AutoCAD model.


  1. Go to the Mosa 2D Grid library.
  2. Choose the preferred tile grid.
  3. Download AutoCAD files: DWG, DXF and PDF.
  4. Import AutoCAD files of tile grid into your AutoCAD project.


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