2D and 3D textures on BIMobject.com

Get your generic 2D and 3D textures of tile surfaces on the BIMobject portal.

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The BIMobject portal

The international BIMobject portal is one of the leading digital modelling libraries in the world. Continious development has led to smart software plugins for most of the software applications like Revit, AutoCAD, Sketchup and Vectorworks. This makes BIMobject an easy CAD and BIM portal to use.

Download generic 2D and 3D textures directly or via the software plugins
Our generic 2D and 3D textures of tile surfaces can be found on the BIMobject portal or directly via the BIMobject software plugins.


  1. Go to BIMobject.com.
  2. Or use the official BIMobject software plugins.
  3. Select your tile surface.
  4. Download and import the texture files.


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