2D and 3D textures on mtextur

Get your generic 2D and 3D textures of tile surfaces on the Mtexture.com portal.

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The mtextur.com portal

mtextur Is a digital architecture and design platform that hosts BIM and CAD files for rendering and simulation. A large selection of Mosa CAD textures of pre-made tile surface patterns is available on this platform. The pre-made surfaces consist of different grids, collections and tile sizes. Browse to your desired pattern.

Export generic texture files
If you need seamless textures of a Mosa tile surface for your visualizations, we support you by hosting our texture files on the Mtextur platform. Once you have selected your desired pattern for your tile surface, you can directly export textures usable for all common design software. Download the Zip folder for: high and low resolution textures, bump file and IFC file.


  1. Go to mtextur.com.
  2. Choose the preferred tile surface.
  3. Download texture file zip folder with texture image, bump and IFC.
  4. Import texture files into your CAD or BIM software.


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