The world of µ

A floor tile series designed to interact with space and time.

The creationof μ

As a floor tile series designed to interact with space and time, μ [mu] cleverly responds to a setting’s changing light. The surface subtly shifts shades during the course of the day. The series is inspired by the extraordinary relationship between illumination and the colour spectrum.



Redefining space

Experimental and playful



A contemporary interpretation

Following up on extensive research on nature, ancient Greek philosophy on colour and current design trends, Mosa created its own interpretation of what colour is. The result? Contemporary ceramic surfaces with a versatile and playfully ever-changing appearance.

Adding the fourth dimension

Mosa’s specialists studied ceramic pigments and the way they interact with each other, as well as their relationship with elements such as light, distance and angle, and coloured objects. As light changes in a room, so does the look of a μ floor, creating colour effects that are intangible and full of surprises. μ is making the most of the three-dimensional space that surrounds it, as it’s adding the fourth dimension – time – to the mix.

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Refreshingly pared down

Each surface in the μ [mu] series is a combination of many different colours; an optical blend of millions of brightly tinted grains. This blend is made by mixing ceramic pigment with clay. Because of the natural falling of granulate, a vivid shading effect is ensured.

The tiles of this refreshingly pared down series come in four key overall neutral shades - white, light grey, grey and brown. A bespoke arrangement of different bright hues, transformed by the way they are lit, helps build μ’s identity. Distinctive, fluid, and ethereal, yet energetic.

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Driven by innovation

Mosa places research at its very core. Each new launch is backed by rigorous studies, tests and ample experimentation in the Mosa labs. Continuously searching for ways to improve its range and push the boundaries of its field, both technically and aesthetically, Mosa aims to create environmentally friendly ceramics and to challenge perceptions about the role of tiles in design.


High-quality products

Mosa tiles have proven themselves as high-quality products. In Europe, they have amply fulfilled the conditions of the EN 14411 standard, and they also satisfy the CE marking requirement of the European Construction Products Regulation (CPR). In the USA, the tiles satisfy the high ANSI standards and the floor tiles were tested with positive results in line with ASTM standards.


Always informed

We are happy to share our knowledge, and have therefore produced various forms of documentation for you. We have product specifications, brochures, installation recommendations, performance statements, EPDs, and certifications. This documentation can be found in the download centre. Alternatively, you can request it via Customer Service, your project adviser or our partners.


Sample service

Choosing the right tile purely on the basis of photos can be tricky. You can more easily judge the quality, colour, texture, and the dessin if you have the tile in your hands. Colour samples and sample folders can therefore always be requested free of obligation via your project adviser, Customer Service, Mosa showrooms, partners, and the μ collection page.