A floor tile accessory large speckled light oxide red measuring 30 x 7 cm with item number 75880BN030007.

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Colour code 75880
Size 30 x 7 cm
Type BN
Serie Global Collection / Globalgrip
Skirting (BN)

Item details

Aesthetic details
product kind floor tile accessory
colour code 75880
Type BN
size 30 x 7 cm
colour large speckled light oxide red
surface pattern matt
price group D 39
glazed no
Technical details
frost proof yes
light reflectance value 26%
Cradle to Cradle Silver
best matching NCS-colour S 4020-Y70R
manufacturing size 296 x 70 mm
thickness 8 mm
Order details
pieces/m¹ 3.33
pieces/box 25
boxes/pallet 108
pieces/pallet 2700
Additional information
available on request; please take delivery time into consideration

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