All articles from our former 10thirty Collection, along with new colours from our Global, Colors, and Matt Collection, now available in size 10 x 30 centimeter.

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Elegant and refined

Whether horizontal, vertical, or diagonal patterns, the iconic 10 x 30 centimetres tile size enables them all. Its elegant, refined lines create walls with a sleek, timeless look. With multiple finishes and colour combinations to choose from, the tiles enable an endless degree of design freedom to create the wall of your choice: from subtle to pronounced and every other option in between.

Mosa’s arrangement of 10 x 30 centimetres wall tiles reinforces the spatial effect, forming an ideal basis for interiors in which every object remains eye-catching.

Sizes 10x30

The 10x30 wall tiles are available in the size 10 x 30 centimetres. Click on the size to see the available colours.

Surfaces and applications

Experience the iconic 10x30 size

A format which modulates and colour coordinates with Mosa’s porcelain offering. The iconic size is available in 37 colours and three finishes: gloss, satin, and powdermatt. The collection includes six new accent colours. All wall tiles are modular and seamlessly fit together with Mosa floor tiles.