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Mosa & The Dutch Embassy present: Mosa Live Spaces by Philip Ross

UK Premiere during London Design Festival 2015

22nd and 23rd September 2015


Our building environment is becoming more and more interactive. Sensors, actuators and processing power increase in terms of power and connectedness while decreasing in terms of costs. They weave into our everyday environment, entering objects that traditionally have no ‘intelligence’ at all. Spaces become dynamic and responsive.

Mosa would like to invite a select group of architects and designers to explore the new design topic of live spaces: Spaces that have a sense of what happens inside them, and respond accordingly.


It’s more than just a presentation it is an experience. Philip Ross will let you explore the interplay of dynamic light with tiled surfaces in an indoor setting; bringing surfaces to life. A fun and active session, where sensors and computer controlled lights will be installed in the Mosa Showroom creating an interactive live space that responds to peoples actions. This way, the architects get a feel for the design space and possibilities of interactive lighting in tiled spaces. 


Experience the possibilities and effect of interactive lighting for your projects.


Mosa Flagship Store London

Grant House, Ground floor
56-60 St John Street
Clerkenwell, London

T +44 207 490 0484




The Mosa Live Spaces event is sponsored by the Dutch Embassy Mountain View