Grey Green, the brand new colour in Mosa’s Terra Tones family



As a ceramic surface specialists Royal Mosa know tiles like no other; colour and innovation have always been two of the company’s strongest points, playing a key role to the Mosa approach. Launching a brand new colour for its ever-expanding portfolio, Mosa introduces Grey Green, the latest addition to the internationally acclaimed Terra Tones concept.


Functional, diverse yet invariably elegant, the Terra Tones concept provides an ingenious way to produce timeless, bespoke surfaces in numerous combinations by blending a variety of colour shades and tile sizes on walls, floors and facades. These can be applied both indoors and outdoors. As its name suggests, each main colour in Mosa’s award-winning Terra Tones range in fact comes as a small family of colour tones, all under a single colour code. This set, courtesy of Mosa’s unique manufacturing process, allows for the creation of subtle colour gradations and tone variations in a single surface. This offers the designer an innovative and extremely versatile tool that ensures a look that is at the same time natural, timeless and distinctive. 

Part of Mosa’s award winning Terra Maestricht collection, the Terra Tones concept now features a total of four colour families: mid grey, anthracite, cool black and grey green. Including three shades – from brighter to darker - under each main colour, the Terra Tones tiles are made out of pure, high quality, unglazed porcelain, created in a sustainable, Cradle-To-Cradle Silver certified way that is designed to meet the green requirements of the environmentally friendly architect, designer or developer.

Nuanced and sophisticated, the carefully crafted Grey Green comes in three different shades, just as the three existing Terra Tones hues. In addition to this, the colour Grey Green is also available as a single colour within the Terra collection, to which the Terra Tones is closely related. Sure to liven up any wall or floor, this colour was produced by adding a hint of green to an all-time-classic contemporary grey, which led to a natural, stylish new shade.


The Grey Green products, just as all Terra Tones items, come in a selection of square and rectangular shapes and sizes (ranging from 5x60cm, to 60x60cm) that will suit any style and space. Even more sizes can be produced upon request. The combinations may be infinite, yet Terra Tones’ carefully selected design will unfailingly deliver a refined and effortless result.