German architects design their own Mosa Mural



Together with AIT, Mosa invited German architects and interior designers to create their own Mosa Mural designs using tiles from the Mosa Murals Collection. The result is a variety of suprising patterns with intriguing results based on their personal conceptual thoughts.

Architects had the choice between using a ready-made design raster or developing one themselves, using combinations of tiles from the three series ‘Blend’, ‘Lines’ and ‘Change.’ The finished patterns were then completed with colors and glazes. These 22 individually designed murals have been brought together in an inspirational book. The book presents both the designs and the architects and interior designers behind them. Along with their CVs and a brief working philosophy, each participant has outlined their respective working methods and the inspiration for the project, every design having been prompted by lived experience. The real size of the designs is suggested by large photographs and an explanatory text, as well as a ‘making of’ sequence that shows reconstructions of the murals.

The results of the cooperation between the architects and interior designers with Mosa were presented at exclusive evening events which were held in November 2013 in the cities of Dresden and Hamburg. During these evenings an exhibition of the designed murals was shown, as well as short presentations and question and answer sessions, led by Andreas Ruby, looking at the theme of architecture & emergence and the role of patterns in architecture.

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