Stephen Brooke Named Vice President Sales of Mosa USA Inc.



Hennie Muller, Chief Commercial Officer of Mosa is pleased to announce the appointment of Stephen Brooke to the post of Vice President, Sales of Mosa USA effective January 1, 2017. In his new post, Stephen will report directly to Mr. Muller and will liaise with all Mosa USA distributors, corporate accounts and developer accounts. Says Mr. Muller, “Stephen will work closely with Catherine Vollmer and our valued distribution partners to further develop the Mosa business. We look forward to continued success and growing the Mosa brand with our entire U.S. team and we’re excited to see innovative paths for growth in 2017 and beyond.”

Since joining Mosa in 2014, Stephen has been building and leading the Royal Mosa ASC team in the Northeastern United States, creating relationships with increasing numbers of leading specifiers and influencers across important contract design sectors. Mr. Muller notes that “Stephen’s appointment as Vice President will encompass additional leadership responsibility for the whole of the USA. He replaces Roger Flamand, who we thank for his significant contribution in driving the U. S. business.”