Mosa XT, high performance Exterior Flooring Systems



Seamless appearance

Mosa XT tiles are the foundation for high performance Exterior Flooring Systems of outstanding architectural design. The look of Mosa XT is completely harmonised with Mosa indoor floor tiles, giving the floor a cohesively smooth visual flow from inside to outside and helps create a seamless appearance by fusing interior and exterior in perfect symbiosis.

High performance

Mosa XT tiles are weather-resistant and retain their high-quality appearance. They are completely colour-fast, moisture-proof, frost- and UV-resistant, and never lose their shape. They are easy to maintain and can accommodate raised anti-slip contours. Thanks to their ideal strength/weight ratio, Mosa XT tiles also have a high load capacity. Their maximum weight limit is significantly higher than other ceramic outdoor tiles. Their strength is comparable to concrete tiles, even though Mosa XT tiles are much lighter in weight.

Its high strength makes Mosa XT suitable for intense use – it can even support passenger cars.


material tile size thickness weight              characteristic load capacity
ceramics   24 x 24 inch    0.47 inch   27,8 kg/m2  5 kN  
ceramics 24 x 24 inch    0.79 inch   47 kg/m2   14,9 kN 
Mosa XT 24 x 24 inch    1.1 inch   65 kg/m2   22,7 kN
concrete 24 x 24 inch    3.15 inch   176 kg/m2   22,1 kN  


Large dimensions

The Mosa XT collection is based on the integral, modular design of the Terra Maestricht tile range and the Mosa Quartz collection. Mosa XT tiles are available in a 60 x 60 cm size as well as a unique 90 x 90 cm large-scale format. Complete with solutions for bevelling and stairs.



Engineered Systems

The Mosa XT tile is an engineered product. Mosa has many years of experience in the field of floor systems for exterior applications and is glad to assist with technical consultation and detailing. Mosa XT tiles are suitable for all standard floor systems, including raised flooring and stabilised sand or gravel.