Mosa creates the world’s only Cradle to Cradle certified porcelain tile



Mosa, a Dutch tile manufacturer with over 130 years’ experience creating porcelain tile, is the first and only tile maker to use leading edge technology to create tile that is considered sustainable now and in the future. This globally distributed, heritage brand has crafted all of its current lines of tile to carry the Cradle to Cradle (C2C) silver certification.


“Mosa is serious about implementing the C2C concept inside our company and is devoted to also certifying our products,” said Dorien van der Weele, Manager Sustainability, Royal Mosa. The firm sells almost exclusively to architects and designers, many of whom are charged with strict green building standards for projects in the healthcare, hospitality, education, office, transportation and commercial sectors. “The Cradle to Cradle certification creates trust and credibility in the market,” notes van der Weele, “but more importantly, it is a positive, integral approach that helps ensure a sustainable future.”

Mosa tiles are qualified as “designed for the techno-cycle, but safe for the bio-cycle”, a qualification which confirms that Mosa tiles do not release any harmful compounds during their useful life, and do not damage nature in case of accidental dumping. The main constituents of Mosa tiles are clay and sand, natural raw materials that are present in abundance in nature. Mosa C2C tiles are free of hazardous compounds, the result of years of R&D in which all the tile ingredients—including the suppliers’ raw material chain—were analyzed and classified to the ppm (parts per million) level.

The certification also reflects Mosa’s responsible re-use of water in manufacturing, the optimized percentages of recycled materials in the products, responsible energy consumption and re-use (the firm has implemented closed water systems in wall tile production since 2010), fair labor and local-for-local sourcing principles.

Many of the Mosa tile collections are crafted using processes and materials that nature uses to create natural stones. This creates a porcelain tile that captures the essence, texture and variation of natural stone, but can be used in many types of installations where stone can't be trusted for endurance. These include exteriors where freeze-thaw cycles can break natural stone, high-traffic floor surfaces in public buildings which require measurable slip-resistance standards and areas where the static and dynamic load bearing would be too much for stone at the same thickness.

Mosa’s Cradle to Cradle tile lines have been used in notable architectural projects worldwide including hotel, resorts, airports, train stations, schools, hospitals, office buildings and more. The tiles have also won many top international design awards for their outstanding aesthetic. Says van der Weele, “Outstanding looks, superior function and sustainability can all go together in one product design. We’ve achieved all three of these in all of our porcelain products.”