February 5, 2019

Mosa at Masterly - the Dutch in Milano

Mosa returns to Milan during Salone del Mobile 2019 as part of ‘Masterly - the Dutch in Milano’, a curated exhibition at the renowned global design gathering’s dedicated Dutch Pavilion. Presenting pure ceramic surfaces, Mosa creates a unique experience that brings together the old and the new, using contemporary tiles in a bespoke spatial installation with a historical twist. Located in the neo-renaissance Palazzo Francesco Turati and open from the 9th to the 14th of April, this exciting showcase is also part of the city’s growing 5vie art and design district.



Drawing on Dutch culture and tradition, the Dutch Pavilion in Milan is aligned with this year’s celebrations around a key anniversary linked to iconic painter Rembrandt van Rijn - 2019 is ‘Rembrandt Year’ in the Netherlands, marking 350 years from the great master’s death. The Dutch Pavilion features a carefully selected constellation of the country’s craft, design, and art professionals, touching upon themes inspired by Rembrandt’s legacy. The pavilion’s platform is the perfect vehicle to explore how Rembrandt’s work continually influences and inspires designers across the centuries, leading up to today’s talented generation of Dutch creatives.  

Taking the visitor on a journey through space and time, Mosa’s installation uses mirrors as a reference to Rembrandt’s famous, numerous self-portraits, elaborating on the notion of self-reflection. Using Terra Tones floor tiles and the elements of light and perspective, Mosa’s showcase is engaging and interactive, creating an atmosphere that instantly commands the visitor’s attention. The room’s tactile ceramic surfaces feature warm colours and an easily legible, minimalist design that keeps the overall aesthetic clean and sophisticated. Sharpness and elegance defines Mosa ceramics and this is clearly translated at Palazzo Francesco Turati through a calming, modern exhibition with a strong theoretical base.  

Both contemplative and captivating, Mosa’s presence during Salone del Mobile this year is perfectly suited to the Dutch Pavilion’s overall theme, encompassing concepts such as cultural heritage and impact, the use of two-dimensional surfaces, local and global relevance, and multidisciplinarity. Drawing parallels between Rembrandt’s masterful work and lasting legacy, and Mosa’s cutting edge ceramic surfaces, this installation is a celebration of Dutch creativity at its very best.