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The Mosa CPD courses are focused on specific applications, contain only unbiased, non-proprietary information, and emphasize attitudes, competencies, knowledge and skill in a specific subject that enhances your performance. Mosa’s CPD’s will help architects and designers to meet their mandatory continuing education requirements.

Accredited provider

Mosa is a RIBA accredited CPD provider. With our continuing education courses at Mosa, we aim to be a resource to the professionals we serve by offering Continuous Professional Development courses (CPD’s) on various topics we offer and aim to help architects and interior designers get the continuing education credits that they need.


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How Cradle to Cradle Contributes to Sustainable Design

Seminar – 45 minutes
RIBA Core Curriculum: Sustainable architecture

You will explore the Cradle to Cradle (C2C) philosophy and principles. How C2C is applied to ceramic tile design and production. And foremost you will discover how C2C products contribute to BREEAM and LEED buildings labels in realizing sustainable design.


Sustainable Ceramic Facades with Ventilated Facade Systems

Seminar – 45 minutes
RIBA Core Curriculum: Design, construction and technology

This seminar covers the specification of ventilated facade systems and ceramic cladding. It will help you to understand the following topics:

  • Acade water penetration
  • Ventilated facade systems construction and fixing methods
  • Technical features of a ventilated facade system
  • The advantages of ceramic facade cladding
  • Sustainable features of ceramic facade cladding

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