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By using the website and/or the information provided on or via the website, you accept the applicability of this Disclaimer. In the event of a conflict between this Disclaimer and the terms and conditions applicable to specific products and services ordered/purchased via the website, the terms and conditions of these products and services prevail.

Use of the website
All use of the information on the website is at the user’s own expense and risk. Although Mosa endeavours to offer accurate, full and up-to-date information from sources deemed to be reliable, Mosa neither explicitly nor implicitly provides any guarantee that the information provided on or via the website is accurate, full or up to date. Mosa does not guarantee that the website will function without error or without interruption.

The colours of the tile images displayed on this site are only an indication, and may therefore differ from reality. Consequently, no rights may be derived from the images displayed, also not with respect to other properties of the tiles. You can always view the tiles at one of our (star)dealers or in our showroom. We offer a special sample service for professional users. Although the majority of the accessories are displayed in black and white, they are of course available in colour.

Any use of the website that might impede its use by other internet users, that could put the operation of the website at risk and/or that might damage the information provided on or via the website or the underlying software, is prohibited.

Information about third parties, products and services
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Online communication
Messages that you send by e-mail may be insecure. Mosa therefore advises against sending confidential information to Mosa via e-mail. If you decide to send messages to Mosa by e-mail, you accept the risk that third parties may intercept, misuse or modify these messages.

Exclusion of liability
Mosa accepts no liability whatsoever with regard to direct and/or indirect, immaterial or consequential damage, including loss of profit (even if Mosa is informed of the possibility of this damage), that is in any the way the result of, but not limited to, (I) defects, viruses or other flaws in equipment and other software for accessing or using this website, (II) the information that is provided on or via this website, (III) the interception, modification or improper use of information that is sent to Mosa or to you, (IV) the operation or unavailability of this website,

(V) abuse of this website, (VI) loss of data, (VII) the downloading or use of software made available via this website or (VIII) claims by third parties in connection with the use of this website. The exclusion of liability extends also to the management and personnel of Mosa.

In the event of what it considers to be an infringement/abuse, Mosa reserves the right to bar the infringer/abuser from the website and to safeguard its rights through the intervention of the competent Dutch court if necessary.

Applicable law
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