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Dear colleagues,

During that 50-minute keynote you will receive information about the design approach, the series composition, the portfolio positioning, as well as the market approach and tools. All tools will be made available to you, either physically or online latest this Friday (provided no unforeseen shipment delays). Please note any questions you might have during the Keynote!

On Friday, May 15th we will meet again digitally (via Teams) in language groups to have a Q&A where you can ask questions to Design, Product Management, Sales Management and Marketing. We will split up in smaller groups to present first short sales pitches to each other – there might be a reward for the best ones! For the details and right timeslots, please look at specific schedule below. 

We hope you look forward to this new approach of launching a product internally as much as we do! Open questions? Check with your Marketing and/or Sales Manager.

On behalf of the Product Launch Team!

Schedule Monday, August 24th

Germany, Austria and Switzerland

10.00am CET
Gather in Microsoft Teams 
Q&A with Design, Product Management, Marketing & Sales Managers

11.00am CET
Break and Preparation Time Sales Pitches

11.30am CET
Split up Groups of approx. five ASCs
Present your five-minute Sales Pitch!

12.30am CET
Gather in Microsoft Teams 
Closing and Thank You!