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Get into detail of some inspiring buildings worldwide. Prestige projects, famous architects, custom design, unique concepts... Stories are told trough facades or interiors in which Mosa tiles have been used.


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05.30.2017read more »

Tiled floors as a form of traffic system

‘Floors in a foyer are like business cards. They set the tone and ensure visitors can find their way in large buildings; you know where you are so you feel more comfortable and at ease. You can notice this in the new Maastricht University Medical Centre (MUMC+) building,’ says architect Luc Nooijen, who works for Architecten aan de Maas in Maastricht.

02.07.2017read more »

Revitalizing a historic luxury hotel and spa

Having received various awards for his creations in the hotel industry worldwide, Jean-Philippe Nuel could not have found more fertile ground in this sector to practice his art. In every project he undertakes, he loves to rethink the identity of the place while remaining fully faithful to the atmosphere of his environment.

10.16.2016read more »

Monument renovation using natural materials

Architecture is generally a conservative sector, and this is something that really came to light during the renovation project of the Montessorischool in Maastricht. You can take an objective approach to the building and the intended renovation; but in our view, an architect needs to physically explore the building and dig deeper.

10.14.2016read more »

ProHealth Care Cancer Treatment Facility

As the design of a health care facility plays more and more into the patient’s choice of care, designers are looking for innovative ways to create healing environments. The UW Cancer Center at ProHealth Care in Wisconsin is warm and inviting, promoting comfort while easing stress.

07.11.2016read more »

A successful symbiosis between old and new

Maison Z' ('house Z'), situated in the Gard department in the south of France, encompasses a site measuring 2,750 square meters and is home to several independent farmhouses in a style that is typical of the Cévennes region.

07.03.2016read more »

Uniform set on two levels

Enjoying an unrestricted view over the Mediterranean, Villa B was constructed in the Commune of Bormes-les-Mimosas by the Fatosme et Lefèvre firm of architects, which has been based in Marseilles since the mid 1980s.

05.22.2016read more »

Architectural journey of discovery

Peppe Giacomazza has become a well-known resident of Flanders. He made his name with La Botte, his Italian restaurant in Genk, Belgium, that serves top-flight Italian food. Not long ago he opened his second restaurant, Peppe’s, barely 50 metres from La Botte.

04.05.2016read more »

A design that has it all

Designing the new premises for the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague (Netherlands) isn’t your average job: not only had the ICC a set of key values that it wanted taken into account, but the building also had to embody the spirit of international cooperation and reflect the willingness of 123 countries to establish an independent court which tries people accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

03.14.2016read more »

Delft tiled floor - a Dutch custom design

The design of the new Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis hospital resembles the rod of Asclepius, with the staff forming the central binding axis of the building. The floor of this connecting route is unique in its own particular way: the ceramic tiles have been laid in a pattern specially designed by EGM architecten and inspired by Delft pottery.

01.13.2016read more »

Mosa makeover at Jour & Naked

Located in the heart of the ninth arrondissement, Jour & Naked unites two restaurant concepts under one roof: a pick-and-mix salad bar (Jour concept) and a counter offering ready-to-eat seasonal products from around the world (Naked concept).

11.16.2015read more »

Functional design at its finest

Interior designer Roger Haan was asked to come up with a distinctive hotel concept. The design needed to incorporate the history of the existing building and the dynamic environment, bring the outside in, create rooms for more than two people, and lead to a scalable product that could be applied in different cities.

09.15.2015read more »

Terra Tones tiles are authentic and innovative

Furniture manufacturer and source of inspiration Hans Lensvelt is an entrepreneur at heart. In collaboration with famous designers, he creates designer furniture for enthusiasts and businesses. The bathroom of his canal-side house in Amsterdam is tiled with Terra Tones.

07.14.2015read more »

Exciting contrasts

The Delftse Poort, an impressive building made of steel and mirrored glass, was erected in 1992 on the site where the city gate stood from 1764 to 1940. It is located in the commercial heart of the Rotterdam Central District.

06.29.2015read more »

Sustainable tiling: a new lease of life for tile residues

In Groningen, the Netherlands, the family-run plastering and finishing firm Elting has focused very hard on sustainability principles for years, not only because that is what customers such as housing corporation Nijestee ask for, but mainly from the down-to-earth realization that you must simply do your work properly, avoid spinning fancy-sounding yarns, and above all be economical with the planet’s resources.

05.25.2015read more »

Hafenquartier Berlin Mitte

Hafenquartier Berlin Mitte was created between 2008 and 2012 as a townhouse complex with eleven residential units, constructed for Agromex GmbH & Co. KG based on a design by the architectural firm of Behzadi & Partner.

04.13.2015read more »

Station with pillars in delft blue

Delft's old railway station is being repurposed. The new station is an architectural beauty, with an eye-catching use of ceramic. The construction site for the new station was off limits to the public until late February.

03.24.2015read more »

Every building deserves a unique solution

Pierre Cuypers designed Amsterdam Central railway station and the Rijksmuseum at the very edges of the city. At the time, the architect could never have known just how much the city would grow, or that these buildings would one day be viewed as obstacles to the surrounding area.

02.24.2015read more »

More than the sum of its parts

The former industrial area in the Vaartkom district of Louvain, Belgium is making headlines after its surprising reinvention by Jo Vandebergh (Ertzberg CEO). Ertzberg developed the master plan for this bleak area on the edge of the city centre in collaboration with Stéphane Beel Architects, which counts project architect Tom Debaere among its members, and Xaveer de Geyter Architects.

01.16.2015read more »

Buildings are only as good as the products you make them from

The new Park 20|20 is located southwest of Amsterdam (The Netherlands). A very unique business park is rising slowly but surely between Schiphol, the A4 and Hoofddorp station, a business park where challenges in the sustainability field, specifically Cradle to Cradle, are met in a creative and innovative way.

10.20.2014read more »

Inside = Outside

Italian studio JM Architecture designed a 3-bedroom villa as part of a larger planned development in Jesolo, a town that stretches 15km with a width of 500 metres along the Adriatic coast, close to Venice in Northern Italy.

11.11.2013read more »

Transforming an old London water tower into a modern home

Leigh Osborne and Graham Voce are the owners of this amazing residence, which they had spent several months designing, constructing and ultimately transforming from its original state as an old water tower.

10.31.2013read more »

La Fabrique De Lunettes Paris: back to the future

"Our challenge: turning an old bank into a modern optical store in an old but trendy neighbourhood of Paris, Le Marais. This project is the result of great teamwork between the firm and our clients. We designed the interior of the optical store in the spirit of the fifties adapted to meet the contemporary expectations of the customers.", says Marc Ifrah from Marc Ifrah Architecture.

07.25.2013read more »

Geusseltbad: swimming pool of the future

On 1 May, the most sustainable swimming pool in the Netherlands opened its doors to the public. The Geusseltbad in Maastricht was designed by Slangen + Koenis Architecten and built in accordance with the Cradle to Cradle (C2C) philosophy.