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Overview of recent news reports

01.05.2017read more »

Clerkenwell Design Week 2017

Mosa’s specialists studied ceramic pigments and the way they interact with each other, as well as their relationship with elements such as light, distance and angle, and coloured objects. As light changes in a room, so does the look of a μ floor, creating colour effects that are intangible and full of surprises.

26.04.2017read more »

Mosa μ rewarded with Red Dot Award

Mosa’s latest tile series, Mosa μ [mu], has won a coveted Red Dot Award. The new product, which was launched earlier this April, was applauded by a jury of experts – around 40 independent designers, design professors and specialist journalists – for its innovative approach.

04.04.2017read more »

Mosa presents μ

Born out of Mosa’s deep understanding of the world of ceramics, Mosa μ [mu] was designed to interact with space and time. The Dutch ceramics manufacturer’s latest launch offers a truly dynamic experience. Inspired by the extraordinary relationship between light and the colour spectrum, Mosa’s designers looked at nature, art and trends in architecture, as well as ancient Greek philosophers’ visions on the subject.

07.02.2017read more »

Holistic retail design with durable, sustainable ceramics

Mosa is presenting its holistic concept for retail design and corporate solutions as a simple, three-piece puzzle. Everything needs to fit together. This concern for accuracy is combined with a constant focus on the three elements of identity, process, and budget. No matter which piece of the puzzle is most important to a company or a brand, the principle remains: Mosa fits – always.

07.02.2017read more »

Announcement: UK Country Sales Manager

Mosa makes a scene at the Clerkenwell Design Week in London. We evoke emotions, capture moments and (re)create them. Considering that is what scenes do. You are invited to come and get inspired. Creativeness is assured as the earlier launched Mosa Scenes collection* now rises to a higher level. Where the original use of Mosa Scenes has the power to generate environments of unparalleled imagination by default, scenes can now also be engendered by creation.

08.05.2016read more »

Come on…make a scene

Mosa makes a scene at the Clerkenwell Design Week in London. We evoke emotions, capture moments and (re)create them. Considering that is what scenes do. You are invited to come and get inspired. Creativeness is assured as the earlier launched Mosa Scenes collection* now rises to a higher level. Where the original use of Mosa Scenes has the power to generate environments of unparalleled imagination by default, scenes can now also be engendered by creation.

14.09.2015read more »

Mosa Presents: The Mosa Roadshow at the Surface and Materials Show

At the Surface and Materials Show in Birmingham, part of the UK Construction week 2015 and the number one UK exhibition for the surface and materials industry, Mosa will be presenting the Mosa Roadshow. Ready to inspire all architects, interior designers, developers and all other professionals this exceptional and innovative mobile showroom will showcase Mosa’s latest innovations, such as the brand new Mosa Pattern Generator and the Cradle to Cradle Silver certified tile series Mosa Solids and Mosa Scenes.

01.09.2015read more »

Mosa & The Dutch Embassy present: Mosa Live Spaces by Philip Ross

Our building environment is becoming more and more interactive. Sensors, actuators and processing power increase in terms of power and connectedness while decreasing in terms of costs. They weave into our everyday environment, entering objects that traditionally have no ‘intelligence’ at all. Spaces become dynamic and responsive.

04.06.2015read more »

Mosa participates in a RIBAJ Cradle to Cradle group event

This free-to-attend RIBAJ event will explore whether the construction industry, interior design and architecture can truly embrace the concept of Cradle-to-Cradle design; to what extent can its adoption bring a zero carbon future closer; what are the opportunities for firms in this new business model?

15.11.2014read more »

Mosa’s new international achievement: the coveted Cradle to Cradle Innovation Award

Ceramic surface specialist Mosa is the proud recipient of the prestigious Innovation Award for 2014, announced by the Cradle to Cradle® Products Innovation Institute in the USA.

21.10.2014read more »

Stormy Castle in Wales is Britain's best new home - RIBA Manser Medal 2014

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has this evening (Thursday 16 October) announced the winner of the 2014 RIBA Manser Medal, the UK’s most prestigious housing design award. Stormy Castle by Loyn & Co, a brave contemporary private house in an area of outstanding natural beauty atop a hillside on the Gower peninsula in Wales has been named Britain's best new home.

30.07.2014read more »

Mosa celebrates 1st Anniversary and Dutch Design

The Mosa Architectural Ceramics Center London celebrates its 1st anniversary during London Design Festival 2014 . To make the most of this celebration, during the festival, Mosa will host a series of special events relating to Dutch design, as well as showcasing their new collections: Mosa Solids and Mosa scenes.

01.04.2014read more »

Giving the heart of The Hague a new vein

The Nieuwe Haagse Passage is situated in The Hague’s centre, next to two major department stores. The new passage, with an eye-catching facade, creates a new link between the two main retail streets of the Hague. It will create an important new vein in the shopping circuit of the Hague.

01.04.2014read more »

German architects design their own Mosa Mural

Together with AIT, Mosa invited German architects and interior designers to create their own Mosa Mural designs using tiles from the Mosa Murals Collection. The result is a variety of suprising patterns with intriguing results based on their personal conceptual thoughts.

01.04.2014read more »

Mosa receives Honoree certificate at Cradle to Cradle Legacy Leaders Award show

During the recent Cradle to Cradle Legacy Leaders Award ceremony in New York, Mosa was presented with an Honoree certificate. This is a valuable recognition of Mosa’s strategy in the area of Cradle to Cradle design. Ten finalists were announced in the four categories: Legacy Leaders Award, Legacy Leader CEO’s, New Innovator Award and Product Innovation Prize.

11.03.2014read more »

Ventura Lambrate is tiling up

Showing at Lambrate for the first time, Mosa prepares to amaze with new bespoke installation during Salone del Mobile.

21.01.2014read more »

Mosa at ARCHITECT@WORK London 2014

Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 January Mosa will launch the new Terra Tones Grey Green at ARCHITECT@WORK London 2014. Specially tailored contact days for architects, interior architects, designers and other consultants with a focus on innovation.

10.01.2014read more »

Good Design Award 2013 for Mosa Murals Generator

Mosa recently won the world’s oldest, internationally renowned Good Design Award for its Mosa Murals Generator. The Good Design Award is given to new consumer products designed and manufactured in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North and South America.

18.11.2013read more »

Mosa flooring solutions, more than just tiles

When designing tiled floors, Mosa provides solutions that meet the most stringent requirements in terms of quality and functionality, and design plays a guiding role.

13.11.2013read more »

Mosa adds colours to Terra XXL palette

In answer to more and more requests by architects and designers Mosa has extended the colour palette of Terra XXL. The sizes 60 x 120 cm and 90 x 90 cm are now available in five new colours.

05.11.2013read more »

Grey Green, the brand new colour in Mosa’s Terra Tones family

Launching a brand new colour for its ever-expanding portfolio, Mosa introduces Grey Green, the latest addition to the internationally acclaimed Terra Tones concept.

04.11.2013read more »

Mosa officially opens Flagship Showroom in London

During the London Design Festival, the new Mosa Architectural Ceramics Center (MACC) in London opened its doors in Clerkenwell, right in the heart of the design industry in the British capital, flying the flag for excellence and innovation.

17.09.2013read more »

Press centre

If you like to receive information about Mosa, our new collections, awards or other news, you can contact us. You can also request press releases, high resolution images or other materials relating to our collections and news items.

27.08.2013read more »

Grand opening Mosa Flagship showroom London

The showroom is a vital one-stop-shop for information, inspiration, expert advice and customer support. Representing the Mosa culture of material and aesthetic quality in tile technology, each showroom is a sophisticated contemporary environment fully equipped to introduce the architecture and design community and their clients to the countless possibilities Mosa’s innovative ceramic products can offer.

29.07.2013read more »

Mosa shows a glimpse of the new London showroom

During Clerkenwell Design Week Mosa opened a temporary showroom in Clerkenwell. With this soft opening Mosa whetted the design-aware crowd’s appetite for what’s to come. Centrally located on St John Street, the new Mosa flagship store is scheduled to open its doors this September.

26.07.2013read more »

Mosa XT, high performance Exterior Flooring Systems

Mosa XT tiles are the foundation for high performance Exterior Flooring Systems of outstanding architectural design. The look of Mosa XT is completely harmonised with Mosa indoor floor tiles, giving the floor a cohesively smooth visual flow from inside to outside and helps create a seamless appearance by fusing interior and exterior in perfect symbiosis.

24.07.2013read more »

Mosa opens Flagship store in Frankfurt

The showroom offers interdisciplinary expertise for architects, designers, planners and contractors. The new Mosa Architectural Ceramics Center (MACC) in Frankfurt opened its doors at the beginning of June 2013. The store is a vital one-stop-shop for information, inspiration, advice, samples and support.

23.07.2013read more »

Register your interior project for the Great Indoors Award

In November 2013, "The Great Indoors Award" is being held in Maastricht for the fourth time. The biennial event, which aims to stimulate discussion about interior design through talks, workshops and a prestigious international competition, is sponsored by Mosa.

13.05.2013read more »

Mosa showroom opening at Clerkenwell Design Week

Mosa opens its first flagship showroom in London. This Mosa Architectural Ceramics Center (MACC) will be pre-opened during Clerkenwell Design Week 2013 and will have its grand opening during the London Design Festival 2013.

15.03.2013read more »

Mosa Murals win the 2013 Red Dot award for Product Design

Mosa Murals, has been awarded the coveted 2013 Red Dot for product design. Applauding the ceramic tile range’s perfect balance of efficiency, sustainability, functionality and elegance, the hotly contested awards body acknowledged the Mosa Murals series as being among this year’s most successful designs.

22.01.2013read more »

Mosa at ARCHITECT@WORK 2013 London

On 30 and 31 January, Mosa will be present at Architect@work London for the first time. Specially tailored contact days for architects, interior architects, designers and other consultants with a focus on innovation.